Exalto Emirates Trade Catalogue 2024

Sun Shades Specifications Shade extension length 6 ft (1829 mm) Actual canvas length 85” (2337 mm) Stationary tube length 60” (1524 mm) Overall length 68” (1727 mm) Max centerline width 96” (2438 mm) Material Anodized aluminium Camber No Approximate Weight 40 lbs (18 kg) Installation Time 4-5 hours MTF Manual Boat Shade Manually Operated Telescoping Shade SureShade MTF™ Manual Boat Shade is a patented retractable shade system that operates manually with a simple hand lever to extend or retract canvas on a boat. Featured by top boat builders worldwide, SureShade MTF is a lightweight and easy-to-install system. With surface-mount or semi-integrated installation options, SureShade MTF is the ideal shade solution for boats under 35 ft. Manual boat shades Key technical features • Hand lever operated retractable shade • Self-supported anodized aluminium framework • Spring tension roller type allows for hands-free roll-up • Independently tested and can withstand winds of 50+ mph (80kph) • Ideal for boats under 35 ft in length (9 m) with an overhead structure • Two-stage telescopic framework design with maximum shade extension of 6 ft (1829 mm) Part number Centerline width Length (ft) 01.16.0022 50”-70” 6 01.16.0023 71”-85” 6 01.16.0024 86”-96” 6 All shades are made to custom specifications. Ensure all measurements are accurate before sending them to Exalto Emirates. Any errors made by the customer are the customer’s responsibility. Measuring Guide MTF Hardtop Measuring Guide MTF Fiberglass Radar Arch Measuring Guide MTF Radar Arch / Tower Measuring Guide MTF T-Top Measuring Guide (visit www.exalto-emirates.com ) 01 102 Deck&hull