Exalto Emirates Trade Catalogue 2024

Since 1850, Ritchie has been making only one thing – compasses. Which means every ounce of their time and energy goes into precision-crafting the highest quality product available. When properly sized, installed and compensated a marine compass is the most important instrument on any boat. It will provide accurate, trouble-free heading references under the most adverse conditions without relying on electricity, radio signals or satellite communications. The most important criteria when selecting a compass are dial size and mounting style. Quality components aid accuracy, smooth response, stability and trouble-free operation. Navigationcompasses Explorer compasses Part number 10.10.0052 (Black) 10.10.0042* (Black) 10.10.0002 (Black) 10.10.0037 (White) 10.10.0003 (12V, Black) 10.10.0038 (12V, White) 10.10.0038 (24V, White) Model V-57.2, 2¾” Dial S-53, 2¾” Dial B-51, 2¾” Dial F-50, 2¾” Dial Dial size/design 70mm/Direct-Read 70mm/Direct-Read 70mm/Direct-Read 70mm/Direct-Read Mounting Dash Surface Bracket Flush Night lighting 12V 12V Green 12V Green 12V & 24V Green Viewing Adjustable to 30° - - - Compensators Built-in Built-in Built-in Built-in Mounting hole 76mm Instrument Hole - - 95mm Warranty 5-Year 5-Year 5-Year 5-Year Approx. shipping weight 454g 454g 454g 454g *Note: For optional colours (Grey&White) please contact Exalto Emirates. a a b b c c d d Part number 10.10.0029 (Polished bronze bezel) Model SY-600LL, 6” Dial Dial size/design 152mm Flat-Card Dial Mounting Flush Night lighting Yes Compensators Built-in Mounting hole 1842mm Warranty 5-Year Approx. shipping weight 4.99kg Super yacht compasses Note: For bright polished chrome bezel option please contact Exalto Emirates. Helmsman - compasses Part number 10.10.0029 (Black) Model HF-742, 3¾” Dial Suitable for For Large Commercial Vessels Dial size/design 3 ¾” (94mm) / Flat-Card or CombiDial Mounting Flush Night lighting 12V Green Compensators Built-in Mounting hole 102mm, 128mm w/adapter ring Warranty 5-Year Approx. shipping weight 907g 10 Monitoring& control 1023