Exalto Emirates Trade Catalogue 2024

Clocks &meters 1220MS Quartz clock - Decorativemaritime instruments The quartz clock built into a solid mahogany box with robust brass fittings. The wooden box can be opened by pushing the brass knob and closed again. The instruments inside are surrounded by a polished solid brass bezel. The dials are white, and the hands are black. A metal round white plate shows the worldwide time zones inside the top part of the clock. 1587MS Quartz clock - Captain series Part number Model Description Dial Ø (mm) Wooden case L x B (mm) Weight (g) 10.13.0010 1220MS Quartz ship’s clock, mahogany/brass, polished, with roman numeral dial Ø 100 140 x 140 860 601.5 Quartz clock - Pentable series Clocks 617M Quartz clock - Steel The jury of one of the most important design competitions in the world for ship equipment and products, DAME, summarized the advantages of the BARIGO steel clock as such: beautifully designed, backlit clock. An elegant construction with clear lines and unique back lighting which ensures effective use. This product line seamlessly slots in with the design worlds of modern, high quality yachts and fulfils its tasks superbly: perfectly readable without an additional source of light, by day and night, light, glare-free and with minimal energy consumption. The modern design interpretation is confidently realised with high quality materials such as the huge brass tube, extravagantly glass bead blasted, nickel- plated and protected with the best clear varnish. The Pentable series “Breathe“ through the specifically positioned air openings in a way similar to large volume engines, which speeds up the adjustment of the measuring instruments. Suitable for both desktop or wall mount use The Captain series is made up of luxurious, generously sized wall instruments that meet all demands for function and design. Heavy, very solid glass tops with robust hinges and screw closure allow easy access to change the battery of the clock or to adjust the barometer. White dials and black hands ensure good legibility. The clock has a high gloss mahogany case & the cover is made of solid brass. Part number Model Description Dial Ø (mm) Case Ø x depth (mm) Weight (g) 10.13.0007 601.5 Quartz clock, brass, nickel, dial black 100 104 300 10.13.0008 617M Quartz clock, stainless steel, dial white, marine mounting system 100 104 270 10.13.0009 1587MS Quartz wall clock, Mahogany/brass, roman numeral, polished Ø 150 210 x 50 1100 10 Monitoring& control 1028