Exalto Emirates Trade Catalogue 2024

Clocks &meters Part number Description Dial (mm) Case (mm) Weight (g) 10.13.0026 Weather station with ship’s barometer/ comfortmeter, quartz ship’s clock, mahogany/brass, polished Ø 85 370 x 130 770 386MSMA Weather station Barometer/Comfortmeter, Quartz clock- mounting boards This weather station comprises of a barometer, a quartz clock with Roman numerals and a comfortmeter all mounted horizontally on a single mahogany base. These instruments are encased in polished brass case with white dial and black hands which make it easy to read. Recording instruments -Barograph Part number Model Description Case (mm) Weight (g) 10.13.0027 2018.1 Barograph, Mahogany/brass 4 diaphragms 195 x 125 x 127 1280 10.13.0028 DIA120 Diaphgram paper in HPA - - 10.13.0029 F Spare long duration felt tip pen - - Analog dials offers a barometer combined with a thermometer & hygrometer 317M Baro-/thermo-/ hygrometer - Steel Baro-/thermo-/ hygrometer - Supratherm This model beautifully designed in steel case with back lighting on the dial which makes perfectly readable without an additional source of light by day & night. Barigo Steam Bath Thermometer & Hygrometer offers precise temperature and humidity monitoring for steam baths. With its stainless steel case and mineral glass, it ensures durability and clear visibility. The thermometer measures temperatures from 20°C to 90°C (70°F to 190°F), while the hygrometer tracks humidity from 20% to 100% RH, both with impressive accuracy. Ideal for maintaining optimal conditions in steam environments. Combi dials 101.5 932SADPFCF Baro-/thermo-/ hygrometer - Pentable series The Pentable series combination dial gives analog reading of barometer, hygrometer & thermometer. the case is made of nickel plated brass and has a beautiful black dial. It is suitable for both desktop & wall mount use. Left small dial indicates temperature, right small dial indicates relative humidity & upper dial indicates barometric pressure. Part number Model Description Dial Ø (mm) Case (mm) Weight (g) 10.13.0021 317M Baro-/thermo-/hygrometer, stainless steel, dial white Ø 100 102 300 10.13.0022 101.5 Baro-/Thermo-/Hygrometer, brass, nickel, dial black Ø 100 104 300 10.13.0044 932SADPFCF Baro-/thermo-/hygrometer, supratherm, dial white Ø 130 132 250 10 Monitoring& control 1032