Exalto Emirates Trade Catalogue 2024

Hardware&accessories 1111 Locks & latches iLATCH - Platinum series push/pull latch system Flush buttonmodels Part number Description 11.06.0234 iLatch Push/Pull Latch Body 11.06.0235 M6 x 20 MM Set Screw 11.06.0236 Polished Stainless Steel Flush Button 11.06.0237 Polished Stainless Steel Ring 11.06.0244 Roller strike SS for plantinum series ilatch 11.06.0238 1mm Latch Body Spacer 11.06.0239 2mm Latch Body Spacer 11.06.0260 4mm Latch body spacer 11.06.0261 6mm Latch body spacer 11.06.0240 1mm Button Spacer 22mm OD; 6mm ID; 1mm Thickness 11.06.0241 6mm Button Spacer 22mm OD; 6mm ID; 6mm thickness 11.06.0242 Alignment Tool 11.06.0243 Alignment Allen Screw Innovative Products™ was established in 2016 by Seann Pavlik, founder and owner of sister companies Misters Unlimited™ and IceFree™. Seann is a South Florida native, who has lived and worked on the water his entire life. He has years of experience designing unique and innovative products to help solve everyday issues he has personally experienced, both in the water and on land. His passion for innovation and commitment to excellence have been the driving forces throughout the development of these Innovative Products™. Seann is now making these products available to you to help make your life easier one innovative product at a time. b f f f f d h a b g c h d i e j f a e c g i j iLATCH™ Platinum Series push/pull mechanism with flush button secures the door or drawer is upon closure. Recessing the button provides a flush, clean and finished look to cabinetry but it isn’t required to keep the door or drawer shut. With no play in the mechanism, sticking or jammed recessed buttons are a thing of the past . 11