Exalto Emirates Trade Catalogue 2024

Ovens & cookers • Specifically designed for Kenyon Grills • Perfect for all grill applications • Easily removes for storage • Available in lift-off and hinged • Lid collapses to 2” • Constructed of high temperature silicone • Silicone allows for very fast and even heat • Patent Pending • Top handle is used when lid is placed over the grate • Vents located on three sides of the lid Charcoal SilKEN® grill lid Grilling with a lid is a necessity but onboard space can be limited. There’s no need to compromise quality of grilled food due to tight quarters with the NEW patent pending collapsible SilKEN® Grill Lid. Through the use of high temperature silicone, the lid can collapse accordion-style to a height of two inches. The insulation quality of the high temperature silicone allows for very fast and even heat while the lid helps to prevent accidental burns. Ideal for all grill applications, the lid has two handles, one on top and one on the front edge, and vents on three sides. Use the front handle when the lid is hinged or the top handle for the lift-off lid. Cleaning is easy with a wet paper towel. Part number 12.10.0075 Description Lift-Off Lid for No lid electric grill L x W x H 16.05″ x 12.17″ x 4.43″ (2″ With lid collapsed) Construction High temperature silicone Lid Type Hinged lid, lift-off lid • Reusable coated aluminum drip tray • Fits any Kenyon Electric Grills, direct replacement for the standard disposable trays • Texan Electric Grill requires two of these trays, one for each side • Dishwasher safe Coated drip tray Part number Description 12.10.0074 Coated drip tray L x W x H: 14.5″ x 10.5″ x 3″ For the financially and environmentally conscious consumer, Kenyon has designed a custom coated aluminum drip tray. Create bold new flavors for anything you throw on the grill by adding grape juice, apple juice or even Coca-Cola to your drip tray. Never worry about needing to replace one again! • Double coated with surgical grade non-stick material called Xylan XLR, made by Whitford. Dishwasher safe. • L x W x H: 14.75″ x 10.625″ x 1″ Griddle flat plate Part number Description 12.10.0073 Griddle flat plate for Built-In Grill A direct replacement for the cooking grate on ALL of Kenyon’s electric grills. Simply remove the grate and place the griddle in it’s spot and you are ready to cook! Kenyon grill accessories 12 Galley equipment 1212