Exalto Emirates Trade Catalogue 2024

Magnum Top Gear marine is a wholly owned Australian company that has been manufacturing for over 45 years. Top Gear marine have developed a gel coat rejuvenation system. This system will help to remove gel coat yellowing caused by impregnated impurities within the polyester structure. Aluminium oxide is the basis of the most important polishing ingredients, each sintered particle consisting of very small primary crystals which breaks into minuscule particles in the course of polishing. Due to this process, first a high rate of material removal is attained but as the polishing proceeds this effect is progressively weakened, the surface profile becomes even and smooth and the surface becomes more and more glossy. The kits have been carefully designed to include all materials needed to complete the job on site. Top Gear marine has extensive experience in the manufacture of compounds and polishes. Part number Size 13.01.0001 500 ml Buffing compound, fine Top Gear buffing compound is a fine cream shine-restorer used for removal of swirl marks and minor blemishes and obtaining an extraordinary mirror shine. Boat wash ‘n’ shine Boat wash ‘n’ shine is a professional strength boat wash. Use regularly to remove salt, light oxidation, general scum and grime. Top Gear boat wash ‘n’ shine will leave a long lasting shine to preserve and protect your investment. To keep the lasting protection you should use Top Gear diamond glaze every time you’ve washed your vessel. Can be applied with the venturi applicator spray. Top shine seal coat Top shine sealcoat polish is technically advanced acrylic polymer glaze formulation, designed to achieve protection against UV radiation, salt and pollution. When used as per directions, top shine will preserve and leave a mirror shine finish on most exterior surfaces. Top shine sealcoat polish is probably the best surface sealer you will find and it is exceptionally fast and easy to use. Part number Size 13.01.0010 1liter Part number Size 13.01.0008 500 ml 13.01.0009 1 liter Cutting/buffing compound, medium Top Gear gel coat treatment compound, medium is a heavy duty shine-restorer designed to cut back gel coat surfaces to provide a smooth even shine, using a polishing machine. Part number Size 13.01.0005 500 ml 13.01.0006 1 liter 13.01.0064 20 liters Note: All above part numbers are until stock lasts! Part number Size 13.01.0068 5 liters 13.01.0066 20 liters Diamond glaze Top Gear Diamond Glaze is a specially formulated spray on final top coat sealer to be used directly after washing to give a protective finish to the surface. Diamond Glaze will give long lasting protection between top shine polish application. When used regularly it can extend polish intervals, and can be applied using the venturi or simply added to a bucket of water. Part number Size 13.01.0024 1 liter Scrub-it clean Top Gear scrub-it clean is a technologically advanced surface cleaner paste. Designed to clean and rejuvenate ceramics, tiles, glass areas, basin bench tops, non skid surfaces and vinyls. Also ideal to clean inflatables. Cleaning&reconditioning 13 Boat care, adhesives &protection 1227