Exalto Emirates Trade Catalogue 2024

Cleaning& reconditioning 3M™Cubitron™ II File belts 3M™ Cubitron™ II File Belts 786F is a 3M best-in-class abrasive belt, designed for use with the 3M™ File Belt Sander, for tasks like grinding out rivets and removing spot welds. 3M Precision Shaped Grain is resin-bonded on a heavy duty backing for a more consistent finish, cooler operation and two times more belt life. The resin bond and a grinding aid keep this belt cutting cool and sharp. Grit grade Size (mm) Part number Pieces/ carton Part number Pieces/ Pack P60 12.7 x 457.2 13.01.0272 50 13.01.0326 10 P80 12.7 x 457.2 13.01.0273 50 13.01.0327 10 3M™Cubitron™ II Cut-Off wheel The 3M™ Cubitron™ II Cut-Off wheels with Precision Shaped Grain are engineered to cut faster than competitive ceramic products offering significant productivity gains. The collision repair professionals value its fast cutting action on heat-sensitive metals and its cutting efficiency, yielding 2 to 7x more cuts than conventional cut-off wheels in many cases. Part number Size (mm) Pieces/ carton 13.01.0270 76 30 Fibre Discs - Cubitron™ II Roloc™ Designed for heavy duty metalworking applications such as weld grinding and clean up. Features a rigid fibre backing for increased cut performance. 3M™ Cubitron™ II Panel shop products feature triangular shaped ceramic grain which is electrostatically oriented to form sharp peaks that: • Cut 30% faster than premium abrasives. • Last up to twice as long. • Deliver finer, more uniform finish. • Require less pressure, helps reduce operator fatigue. • Remain cooler to reduce metal deformation. Grit grade Size Part number (Retail) Piece/ pack Part number (Bulk) Pieces/ carton 36+ 75mm 13.01.0180 15 13.01.0181 90 60+ 75mm 13.01.0182 15 13.01.0183 90 80+ 75mm 13.01.0184 15 13.01.0185 90 Note: All 3M Prodcuts are until stock lasts! 13 Boat care, adhesives &protection 1240