Exalto Emirates Trade Catalogue 2024

Wood care Nautiforte A superior one-component yacht paint for interior and exterior use on wood, steel, fiberglass and aluminium above the waterline in conjunction with the appropriate primers. Created with the latest developments in resin technology. Extremely high gloss and long lasting gloss retention. Non-yellowing, excellent flow, high covering and filling. The finest, most sophisticated resin has been used to produce a paint that is non- yellowing, gives excellent flow, minimal dirt retention and long-lasting gloss. A degree of gloss is activated by exposure to UV. Part number Colour Size 13.02.0033 White 750 ml 13.02.0034 Light oyster 750 ml Colours : White & light oyster Recoatable : After 18 hours at 18°C (65°F.) Dries in 12 hours. Coverage : 1 liter is sufficient for 14 m² depending upon surface. Nonskid deckcoating (one-component ) Epifanes nonskid deckcoating is a one-component, semi-gloss nonskid deck paint containing a measured amount of nonskid beads preventing the slipping on decks. In combination with the appropriate primer system, this deck paint is suited for use on wooden, fiberglass, steel and aluminium decks. For optimum results apply two coats on Epifanes high gloss base. Also suitable on existing nonskid paint systems. Allow 72 hours to harden thoroughly. Epifanes nonskid beads are separately available in 20 g containers for use in 750ml Epifanes mono-urethane or poly-urethane. Application by fur roller provides best results. Part number Colour Size 13.02.0030 White 750 ml 13.02.0031 Cream 750 ml 13.02.0032 Grey 750 ml Colours : White, cream & grey Recoatable : After 24 hours at 18°C (65°F.) Coverage : 750 ml is sufficient for 4-8 m² depending upon surface. Thinner for paint and varnish brush A high quality thinner for brushing or rolling most one-component primers, paints and varnishes. The double distillation of this thinner provides maximum purity. Part number Size 13.02.0042 500 ml (brush) 13.02.0041 1 liter (brush) Brush& spray thinner for polyurethane Thinner for paint and varnish spray Brush & spray thinner for polyurethane 500ml & 1 liter for two-component products. Thinner for spray applications of one- component primers, paints and varnishes. Also highly suited for degreasing wood and existing paint and varnish layers. Part number Size 13.02.0039 500 ml (brush) 13.02.0040 1 liter (brush) 13.02.0046 500 ml (spray) 13.02.0047 1 liter (spray) Part number Size 13.02.0059 5 liter (spray) 13.02.0048 1 liter (spray) 13 Boat care, adhesives &protection 1246