Exalto Emirates Trade Catalogue 2024

Adhesives & sealants Marine adhesive and sealant 4000UV 3M™ 4000 UV fast cure is a premium cosmetic sealant. It offers better UV resistance than most polyurethane sealants and comparable silicones. It is strong, paintable and does not exhibit dirt-collecting properties. 4000 UV has equivalent or better adhesion to most substrates, when compared with 3M™ 4200 fast cure, making it a great product for most above and below the waterline applications. Recommended when very high strength bonds are required. Description Size Part number (Bulk) Pieces/ carton Sealant cartridge white 295ml 13.03.0046 12 PrepM Prep M is a treatment to improve the adhesion of various adhesives and sealants on closed surfaces. Applications • Preparation of metal substrates like aluminium, steel, copper & brass. • Preparation of powder coated surfaces. • Preparation of painted surfaces (pretest the surface for adhesion and potential injury). • Preparation of polyester (GRP). • Preparation of ABS. • Preparation of PVC. Features • Fast drying time: about 5 minutes. • Easy processing: cleaning and pretreatment in one. • Economical in use. Consumption Consumption of Prep M is approximately 20 m²/ liter. Part number Colour Size 13.03.0016 Transparent 500 ml Part number Colour Size 13.03.0017 Yellow / Transparent 500 ml Prep P Prep P is a liquid primer for improving the adhesion of several products on porous substrates. Consult the technical information of the product. Applications • Preparation of mineral substrates such as (bin) stone, concrete and lightweight concrete. • Preparation of wooden surfaces (such as seams in teak decks). Consumption Depending on the type of substrate consumption is 8-10 m²/liter. Part number Colour Size 13.03.0018 Black 250 ml Prep G Plus Prep G Plus has been developed as a black pretreatment for use on glass, not having a ceramic coating, in order to provide a UV-protecting coat, before applying special adhesives for bonding glass (also PMMA and PC) in the automotive, bus, ship and railway industries. Applications Applications are particularly glass substrates (also PMMA and PC) in the automobile, bus, ship and rail industry. • Preparation of glass substrates without ceramic coating. • Repair of damaged paint on metal substrates. Consumption Consumption of Primer G is approximately 10 m²/liter. Waterproof wood glue D3 Waterproof wood adhesive is a ready D3 dispersion based on polyvinyl acetate. Applications • The water resistant bonding of all kinds of planed hard and soft wood, hardboard, particleboard, MDF, tri-/multiplex NEN-EN-204-D3. Suitable for wood construction, dovetail and groove connection. • Tested and certified according to IMO Resolution A.653 (16) and has been approved for application throughout the vessel. Features • Stronger than wood. • Good resistance to moisture and water, water resistant BS-204-D3. • For indoor and (limited) outside. • Dries to transparent. • Low flame spread in accordance with IMO Resolution A.653 (16). Consumption 150 g/m². Part number Colour Size 13.03.0015 White 750 ml 13 Boat care, adhesives &protection 1250