Exalto Emirates Trade Catalogue 2024

Sorberbarrier® AGC is a barrier-absorber composite noise control product that offers both excellent noise transmission loss and high sound absorption. It was specially developed to provide complete noise control solutions within one high performance, versatile product. Its unique construction comprises a high mass, flexible noise barrier, Wavebar®, laminated between two layers of flexible acoustic foam, Sorberfoam™, consisting of a sound absorption layer and a decoupling layer. A durable, flame retardant, aluminium foil glass cloth facing - AGC, is laminated to the outer absorptive foam layer. Isover E-Saver is manufactured from glass wool bonded with a thermosetting resin to deliver excellent thermal and acoustic properties. The product can be used in a multitude of applications due to its superior compression strength and stiffness. It has excellent resistance to fire and can be used in hightemperature applications up to 300 °C. Isover E-Saver has been commonly used in building and marine applications, insulating ducting for HVAC, plus in a variety of thermal and acoustic applications in marine environments. When Isover E-Saver is faced with decorative fabrics, it becomes a high-quality panel absorber, often used in offices, public spaces and marine applications. Sorberbarrier®AGC Isover E-Saver Applications • Sorberbarrier offers an alternative to mineral fibre products, which tend to shed fibres • Engine rooms in boats under CE Marine Survey • Power generation units and containerised generator sets • Additional thermal and acoustic insulation for air-conditioning • Machinery and equipment enclosures • General enclosures Applications • Boat engine compartments • Absorber panels in building and public spaces • Building and marine partition in-fill • Wall and ceiling linings for plant equipment rooms • Compressor and generator set enclosure lining • Mining industry sound absorbers in tunnels and around break rooms Features • Multi-function product: An absorber and barrier in one • No ozone-depleting substances generated during manufacture • Free from formaldehyde, phenolic resins and irritating fibres • Sorberfoam is engineered to resist degradation (foam rot) more than traditional acoustic foam • Low spread of flame surface • The AGC facing outperforms comparative products at lower frequencies • Long service life • Quick and easily installed in awkward places • Easy to cut, adhere or mechanically fasten into position • Choice of three high performance self- adhesive tapes for easy installation • Offered in varying thicknesses and material compositions. • Can be constructed with other absorption products such as Sorbermel® • Comes with self adhesive backing Features • Excellent quality glass wool • Great performance in high temperature and high humidity • environments (150 to 300 °C) • High compression resistance • Excellent thermal resistance • High sound absorption properties • Hydrolysis resistant • Non-corrosive • Self-supporting • Simple to cut, shaped, fabricated and installed • Durable with long service life Tolerances: Weight: +/- 0.5Kg; Thickness: +/- 3mm ; Length andWidth: -0 to +5mm * Typical value for Polyurethane foam - Polyurethane handbook: Chemistry, RawMaterials, Processing, Application, Properties 2nd edition **Useable width is specified. Some surface coverings such as foils, films or fabric may overhang the useable width. Note: if you do not want self adhesive backing kindly contact Exalto Emirates. Tolerances: Length: -0/+50mm, Width: -0/+5mm, Thickness: ± 2mm, Weight: ±5% Part number Model Thickness (mm) Barrier weight (kg) **Sheet size (m) Operating temperature range (°C) *Thermal conductivity (w/mK) Weight (kg/m²) Weight/sheet (kg) 13.05.0010 AGC25/4.5A 25 4.5 1.3 x 1 -40 to 100 Continuous -40 to 120 Intermittent 0.033 5.2 6.76 13.05.0012 AGC32/8.0A 32 8.0 1.3 x 1 -40 to 100 Continuous -40 to 120 Intermittent 0.033 8.89 11.56 Part number Thickness (kg/m³) Density Thermal conductivity (W/mK) 20 °C Thermal conductivity (W/mK) 70 °C Standard roll size (m) Standard sheet size (m) Operating temperature range (°C) 13.05.0055 24 kg/m3 24 0.034 0.045 1.2 x 10, 12 or 20 m - 300 °C max Sound insulation New 13 Boat care, adhesives &protection 1257