Exalto Emirates Trade Catalogue 2024

Sound insulation Tape ALR is a high performance insulation reinforced aluminium foil tape, designed for use as a joining and covering tape for Pyrotek Noise Control’s aluminium foil faced products like Soundlag®, Sorberfoam™, Sorberpoly™ and Sorberbarrier®. Reinforced aluminium foil tape ALR Applications • Pipe lagging • Machinery and equipment enclosures • Compressor and generator set enclosures • Car, boat, truck and bus engine compartments, firewalls and bonnets • Air-conditioning units and systems • Hydraulic pump enclosures Features • High performance synthetic pressure sensitive adhesive backing • Polyethylene fibre mesh/film composite reinforced aluminium foil • High initial tack and grab • Broad operating temperature range • High performance in heat, humidity and environmental conditions • Resistant to dust, oils and solvents • Reflects and insulates against heat • Easily cut, shaped, fabricated allowing easy installation • Puncture and tear resistant • Tougher than similar products • Long service life • Dimensionally stable Part number Model Colour Roll length (lineal metres) Standard width (mm) Application temperature range (°C) Operating temperature range (°C) 13.05.0021 Tape ALR - PPC Metallic Silver Facing 50 48 +20 to +40 -5 to + 65 Tape GC is a high quality pressure sensitive thermal insulation joining tape with a glass cloth mesh face offered in either 120 or 220gsm. The backing is a high performance solvent-free acrylic adhesive, with an easy to remove silicone liner.which provides easy release properties and aids ease of application. Thermal insulation glass cloth transfer tape GC Applications Used as a joining or finishing tape to seal edges and joins. Tape GC can be ideal for use on Pyrotek insulation products that have GC film facing for a matching, seamless appearance. Adheres to steel, tin, aluminium, fibreglass, PVC, polypropylene, open cell foam, fibrous, painted and powder coated surfaces. Features • High temperature resistance • High quality adhesive with strong adhesion, suited to fabric faced insulation materials and a variety of materials and surfaces • Plasticiser resistant Part number Model Colour Roll length (lineal metres) Standard width (mm) Operating temperature range (°C) 13.05.0027 Tape GC Black 30 48 -30 to +100 13.05.0048 Tape GC Black 30 72 -30 to +100 Rosettes fixing discs for easy installation of heavy sheets These fixing rosettes made of Polypropylene are ideal for easy installing of heavy sheets. They come in packs of 15 pieces (screw not supplied). Part number Model Size (mm) 13.05.0018 FIXP Ceiling rosette for fastening sound insulation sheets 13 Boat care, adhesives &protection 1262