Exalto Emirates Trade Catalogue 2024

Waterjets HTX Series Waterjets This ground breaking series is the culmination of HamiltonJet’s vast experience fitting over 60,000 waterjets into vessels around the globe. All their HTX jets feature new hydrodynamics and advanced materials for redefined performance, enhanced durability and even easier installation. Improved hydraulic sealing Prevents contamination damage and extends seal pack life. New intake& screen design The new aerofoil shaped screen bars improve overall waterjet efficiency Smoothed flow passage Thoughtfully designed internal fairings cover anodes to help improve efficiency. Newhydrodynamic design The newly optimised mixed flow design increases high speed efficiency for speeds of up to 65 knots (vessel dependent). This delivers greater bollard pull for better position holding capability, manoeuvrability and acceleration. Improved steering systems More precise manoeuvring, minimised performance loss in turns and lower loads at the helm. Refined anode layout Extends product life and better aligns maintenance schedules. HJ Series Waterjets Total waterjet solutions with experience spanning over eight decades, HamiltonJet provides a totally integrated waterjet propulsion solution to the marine industry. Proven over many years to perform in all operating conditions, the HamiltonJet HJ waterjet range provides superior thrust, efficiency and cavitation performance over other similar sized waterjet models. The current HJ Series waterjets include models for power inputs from 260 to 900kW (350hp – 1200hp), with integrated features such as intake and transition duct for easy installation, as well as steering and reverse components. Efficiency As vessel speed increases waterjets become more efficient compared to conventional propeller systems Manoeuvrability Waterjet propulsion provides far superior manoeuvrability at both high and low speeds compared to a propeller boat Safety Waterjets have no exposed high-speed moving components Durability A waterjet is inherently more durable than conventional propeller propulsion Flexibility Waterjets offer significant advantages for vessels subject to variable loads Note: Get in touchwith an Exalto Emirates expert to discuss your propulsion requirements at [email protected] 03 172 Propulsion