Exalto Emirates Trade Catalogue 2024

Waterjets HamiltonJet after sales support The purchase of a HamiltonJet propulsion and controls solution marks the beginning of a journey together. At HamiltonJet, pride is taken in quality and performance, which is carried through the after-sales support programs. The company is committed to ensuring operational uptime as its highest priority. World-Class Product Support HamiltonJet boasts over 80 years in business as a pioneer and market leader in waterjets and controls. The company’s product support and parts availability are truly class-leading. With a global network of regional offices and over 50 appointed distributors, help is always readily available. No matter the location, in the unlikely event of a problem, downtime is minimized. The products all come with a commitment to at least 20 years of support after the end of series production*. * This applies to all HamiltonJet products which reach series production and can be extended longer if a particular project requires it. Beyond this point, the company still endeavours to keep you moving where possible. Installation&Commissioning The HamiltonJet after sales teams are highly skilled in providing the highest quality installation and commissioning support for both mechanical waterjets and controls installations. With advancements in the AVX and AVX express controls networks, they empower our distribution network to provide commissioning services across a broader set of geographies through remote commissioning support programmes. Regardless of the complexity of your vessel configuration, HamiltonJet’s technical teams are qualified and experienced to support your unique operational requirements. Operational Assurance HamiltonJet maintains a global population of over 60,000 waterjets, showcasing an unparalleled level of experience in supporting operational uptime. With decades of research and development, the company designs its products to the highest quality standards. In case of issues, HamiltonJet’s engineers, technical teams, and supply chains are prepared to respond at a moment’s notice. The Global Distribution Network is structured to cater to both planned and unplanned spare parts requirements. Through-life support documents for all jet ranges are accessible from regional offices. Regular maintenance is emphasized to prolong the life of waterjets. The company continues to innovate in customer service, simplifying maintenance processes through the introduction of interactive spare parts manuals, standardizing routine and non-routine service kits, and incorporating new online tools like warranty and product registration tools. Free Training At HamiltonJet, training is considered one of the highest priorities, and a necessity to providing the highest levels of service. To ensure that services are of the highest standards across the globe, specialized training courses are offered to support all levels of experience. Courses offered include: • Installation and commissioning training • Mechanical maintenance training • Controls maintenance and troubleshooting • Distributor sales and sector training Please contact your regional office to discuss your training requirements. Retrofit &Refurbishment Maximise your vessel performance. To ensure your vessel is operating optimally for your environment, HamiltonJet offers a series of product upgrades and refurbishments, delivered and guaranteed by their experienced teams. Courses offered include: • Jet upgrades • Control system upgrades • Feature enhancements - including JET anchor. Refurbishment options include: • Jet inspection reporting and overhaul recommendations • Complete jet overhauls • Reverse and steering glider overhauls • Seal replacements • Impeller rebuilds • Impeller leading/tailing edge or bent blade repairs. Warranty Support HamiltonJet products undergo manufacturing, assembly, and inspection processes adhering to the highest standards by trained factory technicians. The company provides warranties for all manufactured products to guarantee customers the optimal performance and satisfaction from the HamiltonJet products. Standard Warranty: The Warranty Period for HamiltonJet Products is restricted to a duration of twenty-four (24) months from the date of original shipment from the HamiltonJet factory or twelve (12) months from the vessel launch date, whichever occurs earliest. Online Product & Warranty Registration can be accessed on the company’s website: www.hamiltonjet.com. Extended Warranty: Extended warranty options can be offered to meet your requirements following the expiration of the standard warranty. Note: Get in touchwith an Exalto Emirates expert to discuss your propulsion requirements at [email protected] 03 176 Propulsion