Exalto Emirates Trade Catalogue 2024

Engines 200 h 800 h Features Service interval: Overhaul interval: The OXE is the world’s first high-performance diesel outboard. It combines the reliability and endurance of marine inboards with the flexibility and agility of outboard engines. It is the only outboard that complies with EPA Tier-III, IMO Tier II and RCD emissions and environmental standards. It is designed and built for commercial user after and is the perfect match for tender engines. Cimco Marine AB, the manufacturer behind the engine, started this project with the mission to design the first high output diesel outboard, the keywords were durability, endurance and performance. These words are now embedded within The OXE Diesel KRETA. The patented technology has enabled Cimco to design a robust drive unit that will effectively transfer high torque diesel power from the engine to the propeller. Combined with a modular layout, easily accessible service points, interchangeable gear ratios and proven diesel technology, ensures for a product fit for commercial use. The OXE Diesel KRETA is designed with ”single-fuel” directive in mind. It offers an effective and safe solution for yacht tenders were range, load carrying performance and running costs are significant factors. The power head, a proven robust diesel engine developed by the GM group, is marinized and tested by the engineers at Cimco Marine AB. The compact design of the lower housing enables high efficiency and high-speed capability. • Diesel engine • Low Speed Control • Fuel economy • CAN based helm control system • Dual helm capability • Joystick capability • Robust modular design • Low drag propulsion housing • Directly replaceable with other outboards • Quick shift capable OXE Diesel Kreta 150HP outboard engine Technical data Engine type Diesel, L4 Displacement 2.0 L Intake Turbocharged, intercooled Torque 380 Nm at 2500 rpm Power 150 HP at 4100 rpm Fuel Diesel EN 590, ASTM D 975 No.1 No.2. JIS KK2204, F54 & F75 Weight 350 kg Alternator output 130 Amp Engine leg length 25” or 33” Cooling Closed cooling circuit Starting Electric Steering Electronic Power Steering Shift CANbus, Electro-hydraulic Clutch Hydraulic multi-friction plate Gear ratios 1.731 and 2.171 Dimensions (25” leg), L x H x W 994 x 1880 x 678 mm Part number Description 03.02.0073 OXE diesel KRETA outboard engine with 25” leg 150HP 03.02.0074 OXE diesel KRETA outboard engine with 33” leg 150HP Please contact Exalto Emirates for your specific requirement. Quickly flushes away salt, sand, silt, and alkali to prevent clogging and corrosion. The flusher attaches easily to an ordinary garden hose. Self-adjusting clamping yoke fits most domestic or imported I/O’s and outboards. Molded cups deliver fresh water from a garden hose to flush the cooling system through side intakes on the lower unit. Note: Do not use full flow from hose. Universal motor flushers Part number Description 03.02.0085 Motor Flusher-Universal dual water feed with metal body 03 196 Propulsion