Exalto Emirates Trade Catalogue 2024

TidesMarine SureSeal™ system The Tides Marine SureSeal system is a water tight, self-aligning shaft seal. The one-piece fiber-reinforced composite housing consists of a water lubricated PTFE shaft alignment bearing and lip seal. Once the bearing is on the shaft, the risk of misaligning the SureSeal is reduced. The housing is connected to the sterntube by the means of a special hose and hose clamps to an improved design. The hose reduces side loads to the SureSeal when shaft misalignment occurs, extending the life of the bearing and lip seal. SureSeal units have a worldwide warranty of 2500 engine hours, or two years (whichever comes first), and the design allows the lip seal to be easily changed if the cooling water becomes blocked and the lip seal is damaged. Spare lip seals can be installed on the shaft at the time of installation of the SureSeal and then be fitted without the need to uncouple the shaft from the transmission coupling, often with the vessel afloat. SureSeal can be easily fitted as a replacement for traditional packed glands or face seals. • ABS and Lloyds register type approval. • All components are non-corrosive and inert to electrolysis. • Seals are maintenance free. • No moving parts to wear or cause ‘snag risk’ in the engine room. • Operates through a wide range of shaft rpm. • Operates at a broad range of temperatures. • Reduces vibration. • Simple installation. • Suitable for both new build and retrofit application. • Available with crossover water feed for twin application. TidesMarine SureSeal™ system -Major benefits Shaft seals Replacement Tides Marine nitrile lip seals complete with a 316 stainless steel garter spring are the only approved parts for fitting to Tides Marine Strong Seal or SureSeal units. When ordering, please provide the shaft seal serial number along with the part number on the face of the lip seal. Please see the table below for full details. The Tides Marine spare seal carrier kit provides a convenient way of storing a replacement lip seal on the propeller shaft during installation of the SureSeal. This allows the change of a damaged or worn lip seal without uncoupling the shaft from the transmission. If necessary, the lip seal can be replaced with the craft afloat. The spare seal carrier is a two-piece, non-metallic housing, which is clamped to the propeller shaft in front of the seal head. Carriers up to 1.75” / 45 mm contain a single lip seal, whilst carriers 2” / 50 mm and above are supplied with two lip seals. Spare seal carriers Self-aligning shaft seals Replacement lip seals 03 202 Propulsion