Exalto Emirates Trade Catalogue 2024

Electricpropulsion Rods of the stator cage High filling factor due to the rod design Molabo, a trailblazer in the electric drive industry, is dedicated to providing safe-to-touch low-voltage e-solutions that drive sustainable mobility globally. Established in 2016 with a clear mission, Molabo has assembled a team of experienced engineers, technicians, and industry experts committed to redefining the electric drive landscape. Unlike conventional high-voltage systems, the ARIES i50 operates at a safe-to- touch voltage of 48 volts, prioritizing safety without compromising on power or efficiency. Molabo’s Electric Drive ISCAD technology represents a significant advancement in electric boat propulsion systems. This innovative technology seamlessly integrates advanced control algorithms with the electric drive system, resulting in enhanced performance, efficiency, and overall boating experience. The ISCAD system optimizes power distribution and management within the electric boat, dynamically adjusting torque and power delivery based on driving conditions. Molabo ARIES 50 – the perfect electric drive systemwith safe-to-touch 48 volt technology 50 kW Nominal mechanical power 120 kg Weight (without supply lines) 1,767 rpm Propeller shaft speed 48 V Supply Voltage 50 kW Nominal mechanical power 44 kg Weight of motor incl. controller 1,087 rpm Shaft speed 48 V Supply voltage The advantages Groundbreaking ISCAD (Integrated Smart Control &Drive) technology Safe integration and maintenance Plug & play Modular battery capacity + – Quick installation Safe batteries + – Space-saving installation Efficiency Reliable service New Note: Get in touchwith an Exalto Emirates expert to discuss your propulsion requirements at [email protected] ARIES R50 L/XL outboardmotor ARIES i50 inboardmotor 03 211 Propulsion