Exalto Emirates Trade Catalogue 2024

Pumps, plumbing& sanitary Toilets accessories For other models of Planus toilets & their accessories please contact Exalto Emirates. Kit control panel touch Part number Model Description 04.01.0174 KITTOUCH-2P/BL Kit control black panel touch with 2 buttons 04.01.0294 KITTOUCH-1P/WH Toilet control panel touch 1 button white Planus water inlet electro valve Part number Model Description 04.01.0111 EL-12V/SERVO/ANTIC Planus water inlet electrovalve 12V with water hammer arrestor 04.01.0078 EL-24V/SERVO/ANTIC Planus water inlet electrovalve 24V with water hammer arrestor 04.01.0080 EL-230V/SERVO/ANTIC Planus water inlet electrovalve 230V with water hammer arrestor 04.01.0179 EL-12V/SERVO Servo assisted electrovalve 12V without water hammer arrestor 04.01.0180 EL-24V/SERVO Servo assisted electrovalve 24V without water hammer arrestor 04.01.0181 EL-230V/SERVO Servo assisted electrovalve 230V without water hammer arrestor Sea water pump Part number Model Description 04.01.0079 PSING-12V Inlet pump 12V with filter 04.01.0108 PSING-24V Inlet pump 24V with filter Vortex pump Part number Model Description 04.01.0274 PW.002.00 Vortex outlet pump 24v Slimall frame panel Part number Model Description 04.01.0291 PANSLIMAF-2P Toilet control panel SLIM 2 button All frame The toilet operated by this panel with two buttons is completely empty when not in use. You must press the “Before Use” button to enter water into the jar and prepare it for use. The “After Use” button makes the discharge. It has full tank signaling light (you need to connect to a level sensor). 04 256