Exalto Emirates Trade Catalogue 2024

Pumps, plumbing& sanitary Fittings Aquavalve tails Manufactured from a glass reinforced nylon composite material these hose tail adaptors display high strength and high durability, allowing for secure clamping of hoses. Part number Description 04.08.0940 Tail 19mm 1½” BSP White 04.08.0941 Tail 25mm 1½” BSP White 04.08.0942 Tail 32mm 1½” BSP White 04.08.0943 Tail 38mm 1½” BSP White 04.08.0944 Tail 19mm 1½” BSP Black 04.08.0945 Tail 25mm 1½” BSP Black 04.08.0946 Tail 32mm 1½” BSP Black 04.08.0947 Tail 38mm 1½” BSP Black Saddle clips &base Saddle Clips & Bases are designed for tidy routing of cables, wires, and plumbing hoses. The Base can either be screwed or glued to a wall or bulkhead providing a ‘mounting base’ which can be used on its own with a cable-tie for tying down cables and wires or have one of four sizes of Saddle Clips attached to it for supporting various diameters of plumbing hose. For increased security, a cable-tie can be threaded through the Base under and around the Saddle Clip and hose then done up, locking all components together. If plumbing layouts change in the future, simply remove the hose from the Saddle Clip, then pinch the arms of the Saddle Clip together to unclip and detach it from the Base. A different size of Saddle Clip can then be clicked on to the Base to accept a different diameter of plumbing hose. Base available in 1 size supporting 4 sizes of Saddle Clips which cover a range of varying hose diameters: • Multi-purpose Base. • Dual mounting options for Base – adhesive or screws (or both). • Click-on Saddle Clips for mounting Hoses on to Base. • Dovetail grooves on underside of Base. • Durable, flexible Saddle Clip arms. • Base manufactured from UV stabilised, composite glassreinforced Nylon 6 (PA6). Saddle Clips manufactured from UV stabilised Acetal copolymer (POM). Part number Description MinimumOD hose MaximumOD hose 04.08.1092 Saddle Base - - 04.08.1093 Saddle Clip 13mm (½”) 13.0mm (0.51”) 16.0mm (0.63”) 04.08.1094 Saddle Clip 20mm (13⁄16”) 20.0mm (0.79”) 27.0mm (1.06”) 04.08.1063 Saddle Clip 28mm (1⅛”) 28.0mm (1.10”) 37.0mm (1.46”) 04.08.1064 Saddle Clip 38mm (1½”) 38.0mm (1.50”) 50.0mm (1.97”) Mould plugs for recessed skin fittings Part number Description 04.08.1065 GRP Mould Plug ¾" Recessed 04.08.1066 GRP Mould Plug 1" Recessed 04.08.1067 GRP Mould Plug 1¼ " Recessed 04.08.1068 GRP Mould Plug 1½" Recessed Mould Plugs are designed to form the recess in a fibreglass (GRP) hull that is required for the flush fitment of a given size ® Recessed Skin Fitting. Moulded from Polypropylene, they are single-use, throwaway items that significantly reduce the time and complexity traditionally involved with the installation of Recessed Skin Fittings. Now, each recess can be formed in the hull during fibreglass lay-up, rather than requiring the hull to be CNC machined or manually cut and shaped at each thru-hull position after demoulding. 04 294