Exalto Emirates Trade Catalogue 2024

Vents Stainless steel shell ventilators Typhoon a b The outer cover is made of high-gloss polished stainless steel (AISI 316) and all other parts are made of synthetic materials. Two sizes are available, with hose connector of Ø 75 or Ø 100 mm. The unit is suitable for horizontal or vertical use. Ø 76 mm. Free flow area: 30 cm², Ø 100 mm free flow area: 41 cm². a a b b Stainless steel shell ventilator SIROCCO The Scirocco can be screwed directly on to hull or superstructure. A plastic base plate, complete with water guard and hose connection (Ø 76 mm) is standard supply. The whole unit can be installed both horizontally or vertically. The ideal solution for ventilation openings to the engine room. Free flow area: 38.5 cm². Part number Model Description 05.09.0004 TYP75 Shell ventilator type Typhoon Ø 75 mm 05.09.0005 TYP100 Shell ventilator type Typhoon Ø 100 mm Part number Model Description 05.09.0006 SCIROCCO Shell ventilator type Scirocco (incl. plastic baseplate) a a b b Solar mini vent 1000 The MiniVent 1000 is the smallest and most economical solar vent in the Marinco line. At just 7” in diameter and approximately 1-3/4” high, the MiniVent 1000 is compact yet effective. This solar powered model is an exhaust vent only. It will keep the boat cabin cool when you need it most, during the hot sunlight hours. Under solar power, the Mini Vent 1000 will move 700 cubic feet of air an hour. At night, even a light breeze will continue to ventilate the boat passively. Built-in shut-off damper prevents water intrusion in rough seas. Fits a 3-3/4” diameter installation hole. The vent can be retrofitted to an existing hole of up to 6” in diameter. Available in white ABS plastic or stainless steel. Optional stainless steel cover is also available separately. All MiniVent 1000 models come complete with white plastic interior trim ring, mounting hardware and an easy-to- understand installation manual. • Solar powered exhaust ventilation during daylight and passive exhaust at night • No batteries or wiring required • Whisper-quiet fan operation • Durable white ABS construction • Shut-off damper to prevent water intrusion in rough seas • Dimensions: 7” diameter X 1-3/4” high Part number Model Cut out (in) Bezel material 05.09.0121 N20020 3” White 05.09.0138 N20030 3” Stainless Steel 05 Ventilation, hatches &air conditioners 521