Exalto Emirates Trade Catalogue 2024

Vents Straight connector Elbow connector Fastening nut for external helical braid hose Allows fastening on a ship’s ventilation box. • Suitable for the Ø 80 mm clamping nut for the external helical braid hose. • Internal or external fastening with 4 screws. • Suitable for round and square vents optional. The elbow connector is fixed through the partition with 2 mounting wedges (stainless steel A4 Torx screws supplied). Maximum bulkhead thickness: 25 mm. Can also be fixed to an interior ventilation system with 4 screws (not supplied). The connector can be used independently of the EZ Air system. In this case, a gooseneck with adjustable clamps should be mounted. The Plastimo clamping nut is specifically designed to fix and secure the external helical braid hose. The clamping nut clips onto the EZ Air products with many benefits : • Clean assembly. • Quick and easy installation. • Preservation of the hose and connector. • Can be fixed without sealant. Part number Description 05.04.0226 Flanges half d80mm (top & bottom) 05.04.0227 Flanges half d75mm (top & bottom) Part number Description 05.04.0225 Elbow connector 80mm w/ rising edge for Ez-air Part number Description 05.04.0223 Connector straight for 80mm Ez-air Cowl ventilators type Levanter &Mistral Cowls These new and sophisticated cowl ventilators from Vetus have deck openings of Ø 75, 100 or 125 mm. They are available in four executions: • LEVANTER. Cast stainless steel cowl with red interior. • MISTRAL. Cast stainless steel cowl with white interior. The stylish securing ring can be fastened by hand, or with a special tool, which is supplied as standard. If the tool is used for fastening, the risk of theft is almost eliminated. (All products are inclusive of plastic ring & nut) Part number Model Diameter Air flow area Material 05.10.0003* LEVA125 Ø 125 mm 76 cm² SS 316 red interior *Until stock lasts! 05 Ventilation, hatches &air conditioners 532