Exalto Emirates Trade Catalogue 2024

Anchor Benefiting from years of Fortress Anchor Research & Development, Guardian anchors offer excellent quality, performance and economy. Guardian anchors are made from the same high tensile, corrosion resistant aluminium magnesium alloy and manufacturing precision as Fortress. The use of slightly smaller extrusion profiles and the elimination of some of Fortress’ extra features, such as anodizing, adjustable fluke angles, and several machining steps has resulted in a very affordable alternative to those heavy, rust-prone steel anchors. All Guardian aluminium anchors feature Mud Palms designed to help the anchor set faster in any type of sea bottom. Mud Palms create a “lift” to the crown of the anchor, causing the flukes to point more directly to the seabed. This helps the anchor set faster ... in any bottom. Guardian aluminium anchors are available in nine sizes for boats between 12 ft. (4 m) and 72 ft. (22 m) The Commando small boat anchor system includes everything you need: Anchor, rope, chain, shackle and storage bag originally developed for military raiding craft, the Commando offers the best small boat anchor system available today. Everything can be stored inside the rugged Dupont® Cordura® Plus storage bag, including the disassembled Guardian G-5, the best small boat anchor. The modified Guardian anchor can be assembled quickly without tools. The bag itself can be attached permanently to the boat. With the lightweight Guardian anchor, the entire small boat anchor system weighs only 8.5 lbs (4 kg). The Commando is perfect for Inflatables, Bass Boats, Personal Watercraft, Runabouts, Tenders, Ski Boats, and more. Commando system includes: • High-tech aluminium alloy guardian G-5 anchor • Weight: 2.5 Lbs (1.1 kg) • 150 Ft (46 m) 1/4” (6 mm) of braided nylon rope • 6 Ft (2 m) 3/16” (5 mm) of high tensile galvanized steel chain • 1/4” (6 Mm) galvanized shackle • Custom Dupont® Cordura® plus storage bag Anchor pool Guardian anchor Commando anchor system Made in USA Made in USA Part number Weight Material 01.04.0071 16 kg Galvanized 01.04.0072 20 kg Galvanized 01.04.0073 24 kg Galvanized 01.04.0074 32 kg Galvanized 01.04.0075 40 kg Galvanized 01.04.0076 48 kg Galvanized 01.04.0078* 75 kg Galvanized Part number Model Weight For boats size 01.04.0079 G-5 1.1 kg 4 - 5 m 01.04.0113 G-7 1.8 kg 5 - 7 m 01.04.0114 G-11 2.7 kg 7 - 8 m 01.04.0115 G-16 3.2 kg 8 - 10 m 01.04.0116 G-23 5.9 kg 10 - 12 m 01.04.0117 G-37 8.2 kg 12 - 14 m 01.04.0118 G-55 13.1 kg 14 - 16 m 01.04.0119 G-85 19 kg 16 - 19 m 01.04.0120 G-125 29.3 kg 19 - 22 m Part number Model Weight Description 01.04.0121 C5-A 4 kg Small craft anchoring system *Until Stock lasts! 01 58 Deck&hull