Exalto Emirates Trade Catalogue 2024

The fixed “Follow-up” control handle shown here, can operate any type of hydraulic steering system fitted with an electro-hydraulic pump, by means of the control box (see drawing). It may be mounted on the dashboard, or fixed to the helmsman’s seat, for example. This type of remote control may be used as the main steering device (instead of a steering wheel), or as a secondary or even third steering option. Panel dimensions Dimensions incl. handle Height : 110 x 120 mm. : 110 x 190 mm. : 45 mm 06.04.0003 FUREM FU1224 “Follow-up” steering system “Follow-up” control box Electric remote control steering Joystick steering 06.04.0001 FUHANDLE Part number Steeringaccessories The Vetus “Follow-up” steering system has been derived from a type of steering that is in common use with professional inland waterways vessels. Because many pleasure craft are already equipped with a manual hydraulic steering system, this Vetus “Follow-up” steering system can be easily added to enable remote control from any convenient position on board. By simply turning the steering handle, the rudder will exactly follow the angle of the handle. Returning the handle to the mid position will also return the rudder to midships. Manual wheel steering can be resumed at any time by simply switching the system off. In principle, the Vetus “Follow-up” steering system is suitable for boats of 6 - 20 meters LOA. This hand held “Follow-up” control has the same function as the fixed control handle shown above. The control is supplied with a 3 m spiralled cable with connection plug and socket. The mobile hand held control can only be used in addition to the fixed control. Dimensions control box: 258 x 114 x 52 mm. This remote control is equipped with a rocker switch and a 3.5 meter spiralled wire with watertight plug and deck contact. Two limit switches (model: EHPESSET) for the hydraulic cylinder should be ordered separately. Conventional wheel operated hydraulic steering systems can now be equipped simply and cheaply with an electrically operated remote control unit. With this unit the boat may be steered from virtually any point on board. AVetus electro-hydraulic pump, model EHPAR2, EHPBR2, EHPCR2, EHPD or EHPE is fitted in the hydraulic system (see diagram) and connected to the dc power supply. A hand held remote control, supplied with a spiralled wire, is then used to operate the pump in the required direction. The following components are to be ordered separately: Electro hydraulic pump model EHPAR2, EHPBR2, EHPCR2, EHPD or EHPE. One or more hand held controls with spiralled wire. Hydraulic fitting set for pumps. Hydraulic tubing of the required length (see steering accessoires section). Two limit switches for the hydraulic cylinder. The main steering position of many new inland waterways vessels nowadays, features a joystick steering device. This joystick and its associated electro-hydraulic pump replaces the normal wheel operated steering pump. The hydraulic steering cylinder must as always be specified according to the rudder torque. For a Vetus joystick steering system the following components are to be ordered separately : Electro-hydraulic pump model EHPAR2, EHPBR2, EHPCR2, EHPD or EHPE. Hydraulic fitting set for pump. A hydraulic steering cylinder; for example one of the Vetus models MTC30 - MTC175. Hydraulic tubing of the required length (see steering accessories section). A panel with joystick control. Two limit switches (model: EHPESSET). Diagram of the Vetus “Follow-up” steering system complete with automatic pilot.. Part number Part number Voltage 06.04.0002 12/ 24 Part number Voltage 06.04.0006 12/ 24 Part number Model Description 06.04.0004 RECON Electrical remote control 06 Manoeuvring& stabilizing 586