Exalto Emirates Trade Catalogue 2024

Steering wheels Part number Description 06.05.0207 Steering Wheel 011 Ø350 SS spokes & rim with black leather including keyed hub kit Steering wheel (SW-011R) The Gussi steering wheel type 011R adds a serious touch of quality to a helm. Made from cast 316 grade stainless steel, this steering wheel has a weight and scale befitting of a high end vessel. The mirror polished stainless steel together with the simple black polyurethane grip combine to create a beautiful item that is also very durable against the harsh marine environment. Specifications Diameter : 350mm Material : SS 316 Grip finish : Polyurethane Available with spinner : Yes Standard fitting type : ¾” Tapered keyway Rudders Rudders stainless steel (AISI 316) Rudder gland (type HENKO) These Vetus rudders have a blade made of stainless steel 316. They are manufactured in two different models. The blade sides are polished and need no additional finishing. Each rudder comes complete with a rudder arm (see picture), to which a Vetus hydraulic steering cylinder can be connected. A rudder gland (type HENKO only) may be supplied as an extra. The stainless steel rudder stock is provided with a hole, to facilitate the fitting of an emergency tiller. Bronze rudder gland for Ø 30 or Ø 40 mm Rudder stocks. Available with 2 different lengths. With cylinder MTC30 With cylinder MTC52 The indicated speed figures are themaximumpermissible speeds. 30 knots 42 knots 27 knots 34 knots RUDS4040 RUDS5040 Part number Model Description 06.06.0001 RUDS4040 Rudder SS316, L = 400 mm 06.06.0002 RUDS5040 Rudder SS316, L = 500 mm Part number Model D L A B 06.06.0003 HENKO30 Ø 30 175 15 Ø 65 06.06.0004 HENKO30L Ø 30L 275 15 Ø 65 06.06.0005 HENKO40 Ø 40 205 17 Ø 80 06.06.0006 HENKO40L Ø 40L 305 17 Ø 80 Part number Description 06.05.0204 Steering Wheel 931 Ø350 titanium spokes & black PU rim including keyed hub 06.05.0205 Steering Wheel 931 Ø350 red spokes & black PU rim including keyed hub 06.05.0206 Steering Wheel 931 Ø350 blue spokes & black PU rim including keyed hub Steering wheel (SW-931) The Gussi steering wheel type 931 is a beautiful addition to any helm. Made from anodised aluminium, the wheel is not only gorgeous to look at but is designed to withstand the harsh marine environment. As standard, this model is available in a titanium effect anodisation with a black PU grip. Specifications Diameter : 350mm Material : Anodised aluminium Grip finish : Polyurethane Standard fitting type : ¾” Tapered keyway 06 Manoeuvring& stabilizing 600