Exalto Emirates Trade Catalogue 2024

Controls In control of your electrically driven equipment on board. With the WRCBS wireless remote control unit you have total control over your boat in the palm of your hand. The WRC package consists of a receiver, the WRCBS and remote control, the WRCKF. The VETUS wireless control hand held remote has a range of 10 to 25 metres depending on the location of the receiver and delivers easy control of bow thruster, stern thruster and/or windlasses. The wireless remote control meets the EMC requirements. Models (b) and (c) are suitable for either one bow thruster or one stern thruster. Model (d) is suitable for a combination of bow and stern thruster. • Built-in time lapse device when reversing the direction of rotation. • Automatic switch off after 30 minutes inactivity. This feature is user selectable during installation. • In the event of continuous running for more than 2 minutes there is a warning LED and buzzer and the thruster will switch off automatically. The panel will reset itself after 5 seconds. • Watertight to IP 66. a b b c c d d Control panels for bow and stern thrusters Specifications for WRCBS: • Power supply: 8 - 30 Volt D.C. • Connectors for 2x VETUS thrusters (4 channels) • Max. 10 remotes allowed • Detachable antenna Specifications WRCKF remote: • Power supply 3 Volt battery CR2032 • Open air range >10 metres • Maximum range Up to 25 metres when unimpeded • Hand held control Watertight according to IP66 Wireless remote control Easy docking panel This control panel combines the functions of twin joysticks into one easy to operate knob. The simple and intuitive control action ensures that operation of both bow and stern thruster together becomes a smooth procedure. The use of Hall effect sensors in this control panel means there are no holes in it and it is therefore completely watertight to IP67. All safety features and other technical specifications are identical to the other control panels, shown. a Part number Model Description 06.10.0001 EZDOCK2 Easy docking system for bow/stern thruster, with time delay, 12/24 volt, 85 x 138 mm 06.10.0002 BPSE2 Bow thruster touch panel, with time delay, 12/24 volt, 85 x 85 mm 06.10.0003 BPJE2 Bow thruster panel with joy-stick, with time delay, 12/24 volt, 85 x 85 mm 06.10.0004 BPJDE2 Bow & stern thruster panel with two joy-sticks, with time delay, 12/24 volt, 85 x 138 mm 06.10.0008 BPA Adapter plate to replace old BPS/BPJ panels with new BPSE/BPJE panels Part number Model Description 06.10.0057 CANVWRC Base unit for wireless remote control + hand held remote control also suitable for V-CAN 06.10.0039 WRC Package consists of the WRCBS and the WRCKF 06.10.0041 WRCKF Universal wireless remote control, incl. receiver 06 Manoeuvring& stabilizing 617