Exalto Emirates Trade Catalogue 2024

Seats How it works? The adaptable and durable design of the Thermavance personal climate control system revolutionizes human scaled climate control through conductive heat, rather than convective heat transfer. With this technology, Watercraft can be remotely activated to pre-heat or pre-cool depending on the time of day you plan on going out on the water. All Thermavance components are developed to be tolerant of marine environments including resistant to water, salt, mold, and algae. New Applications The unique Thermavance design makes it a natural fit for all Watercraft in the marine industry. • Fishing Boats • Sport Boats • Recreational Boats • Yachts • Jet Ski’s It can also be used in the non-marine industry: • Motorcycle • Off-Road Vehicles • ATV’s • Side-by-Side (UTV) • Outdoor Seating • Stadium Seating Stay comfortable on the water Whether you are an avid fisherman, an experienced sailor, or a casual boater, Thermavance’s personal climate control system is in place to keep you comfortable and content on the water. Our innovative energy technology ensures that your seats stay cool on hot summer days and warm on those chilly mornings and evenings. For your requirements, please contact Exalto Emirates. 07 Seats &pedestals 661