Exalto Emirates Trade Catalogue 2024

Seat slides Bench-slide, adjustment at the side * fits with 07.03.0001 & 07.03.0002 Features Horizontal movable Part number Length Width Slides Finish 07.04.0001* 340 mm 250 mm 230 mm Satin anodized * fits with 07.03.0001 & 07.03.0002 Seat-slide assembly Features Horizontal movable Part number Length Width Slides Finish 07.04.0002* 340 mm 250 mm 190 mm Satin anodized Table sliding system Features Horizontal movable Part number Length Description Finish 07.04.0004 490 mm Slides 270 mm with 07.03.0006, 07.03.0007 & 210 mm with 07.03.0001 Satin anodized 07.04.0005 635 mm Slides 415 mm with 07.03.0006, 07.03.0007 & 355 mm with 07.03.0001 Satin anodized 07.04.0006 705 mm Slides 485 mm with 07.03.0006, 07.03.0007 & 425 mm with 07.03.0001 Satin anodized 07.04.0011 405 mm Slides 185 mm with 07.03.0006, 07.03.0007 & 125 mm with 07.03.0079 Satin anodized The Multi-rail system was designed to secure the helmsman’s seat to the floor and at the same time allowing the helmsman (with his seat) to move. Standard lengths starts at 1000 mm, with 500 mm increments till 2000 mm, but can be made up to a maximum length of 6000 mm. The Multi-rail was originally designed as a flush mount rail, but with the use of a bulkhead frame, it can also be mounted on top of the floor. Multi-rail system* *Multi-rails are also available in other lengths with following options: Duropal plate, teak-look plate & stainless steel plate. Please contact Exalto Emirates for more details. a a b c b c Part number Description 07.04.0008 Multi-rail bulkhead frame 1000 mm 07.04.0009 Multi-rail stainless steel plate 1000 mm 07.04.0010 Multi-rail slide 1000 mm SHOXS TRAXS deckmounting system SHOXS TRAXS Mounting System is designed to enable professional operators to quickly re-configure wheelhouse and deck layouts on all types of craft. It creates an easy way to relocate seats on the boat or remove them completely. Part number 07.04.0012 (3 mtr) 07.04.0013 (6 mtr) Model SHOXS TRAXS Weight 2.2kg for 3m model Compatible with SHOXS 4600, 4800 (See page 666) Finish Grey Hard anodized *Optional (at added cost) SHOXS TRAXSLinear Cam Lock SHOXS TRAXSLinear Locating Plunger Tie-down Fitting - Load Rated Adapter plates for additional equipment *Please contact Exalto Emirates for your requirements Image for illustration purpose only! 07 Seats &pedestals 681