Exalto Emirates Trade Catalogue 2024

Cables accessories Cable accessories Part number Model Self connector Ø (mm) Suitable cable size (mm) Installation 08.15.0721 DS6-P-BLK - 2-6 Vertical 08.15.0722 DS16-P-BLK 16 2-8 Vertical 08.15.0723 DS21A-P-BLK 21 4-9 Vertical 08.15.0724 DS21B-P-BLK 21 9-14 Vertical 08.15.0725 DS30-P-BLK 30 9-14 Vertical 08.15.0726 DS40-P-BLK 40 12-15 Vertical Part number Model Suitable cable size (mm) Installation 08.15.0727 DS-H10-BLK 6-10 Horizontal 08.15.0728 DS-H6-BLK 2-6 Horizontal Part number Model Suitable cable size (mm) Installation 08.15.0741 DS-HD6-BLK 5-6 Horizontal Scanstrut’s range provides IP68 waterproof cable routing and is engineered from a high impact plastic for a wide range of cable sizes for both vertical and horizontal installations. All models are supplied with blank and split, pre-drilled bungs. • 100% waterproof - IP68 • Vertical install without removing the cable connector • 316 stainless steel fittings • UV stable • Hard-wearing The DS-HD6-BLK double cable seal was designed to eliminate time- consuming and sub-standard routing of solar panel cables. This seal helps you achieve a sleek, easy-to-fit, and 100% watertight installation every time. Perfect for routing two solar panels cables externally to internally on the roof of boats. • Install 2 cables - 5mm (0.19”) and 6mm (0.23”) in any combination. • Compact footprint - just 54mm (W) 63mm (L) 24mm (h) • Makes it perfect for installing as close to the solar panel as possible • Easy fit cable routing that cuts down your installation time through wood, metal, and GRP • IP68 watertight seal • Black high impact plastic • Includes 316 stainless steel fixings and a waterproof 3M gasket • Clean and simple design • The low-profile construction is impact-resistant and provides extra protection from water • Captive nuts make for easy assembly and also allow for reliable repeat installations • Scanstrut’s materials have been selected to be UV- stable and hard- wearing • No messy sealant on bungs • Constructed from premium marine-grade materials Cable Seals - BLACK Eliminate time consuming, sub-standard routing of electrical cables through watertight bulkheads. • Fit multiple cables: Fit up to 10 cables to any bulkhead from 10mm to 35mm diameter • Easy install: Can be completed by just one person from one side of the bulkhead • Premium materials: Moulded in high strength nylon with an over-moulded internal seal This ‘Fit & Forget’ range is the perfect sailing accessory for anyone planning boat maintenance; provides a secure, IP66 watertight connection for all marine electrical cables. • Choose your size: Choice of ‘standard’ box with 5 screw- down terminals or a ‘deluxe’ version which includes 10 fast-fit terminals for a quicker install. • Install options: Fit directly to a chosen surface. A mounting bracket is included to allow easy removal for inspection. • Upgrade: A Cable Seal Upgrade Kit is available to achieve an IP67 rated installation Part number Model Fit up to cables Suitable for cables 08.15.0636 TBH-4 4 4 x 16mm 08.15.0637 TBH-10 10 1 4 x 16mm 6 Part number Model Description 08.15.0633 SB-2G 2 x IP67 Glands for 7.5-14mm cable 08.15.0634 SB-8-5 Junction box - basic 5 holes 08.15.0635 SB-8-10 Junction box 10 holes Through bulkhead cable seal Double cable seal Junction box 08 Electrical 829