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Audio systems For MM100s integration with NMEA 2000® networks, a specialty NMEA 2000® connector is required. This adaptor cable converts the 6-way Deutsch plug on your MM100s to a 5-pin, NMEA 2000® micro connector. Note: NMEA 2000® functionality requires MM100s operating the latest software (available here), MFD (Multi-Function Display) with compatible NMEA 2000® Entertainment Protocol, and any required NMEA 2000® components applicable to your specific NMEA 2000® network (not included). Adaptor cable for Deutsch connector to NMEA 2000 Part number Model Description 08.17.0220* MMC-DN2K-6 Adaptor cable for Deutsch connector to NMEA 2000 5-pin micro connector - 6 ft (1.83 m) MediaMaster® Source Units &Accessories Part number Model Description 08.17.0184* MMC-6 Remote controller cable for connection of MMR-20 to MM100s - 6 ft (1.83 m) 08.17.0185* MMC-25 Remote controller cable for connection of MMR-20 to MM100s - 25 ft (7.6 m) 08.17.0186* MMC-2Y 2-Way y-adaptor for splitting connections from MediaMaster® MM100s to multiple MMR-20 remote controllers a a a b b This powered network cable is designed to simulate an isolated, stand-alone NMEA 2000® network for the connection of a compatible MediaMaster® source unit (sold separately) with one MediaMaster® MMR-40 NMEA 2000® Network Controller (sold separately) or compatible MFD (Multi-Function Display). Note: JLAudio® Powered Network Cables support a maximum of two NMEA 2000® devices. For systems with additional NMEA 2000® devices, a genuine NMEA 2000® network must be assembled, which does not support JLAudio® Powered Network Cables. Connection of MM100s (not MM100s-BE) requires MMC-DN2K-1 or MMC-DN2K-6 to adapt the Deutsch connector on the MM100s to a NMEA 2000® 5-pin Micro-C connector. Network cable Wireless Remote Controller with Bluetooth® Technology for use with MediaMaster®. Outfitted with ultra- efficient, Bluetooth® Low Energy technology, the MMR-25W controller delivers convenient handheld command of your MediaMaster® source unit (MM105 or MM105-HR), from up to 35 feet (11 m) away. Featuring a sealed, water-resistant (IP68 rated) design and large button layout, the MMR-25W remote controller incorporates an ergonomic, key-fob form that allows comfortable operation of frequently used functions, all while on the move. Onboard LEDs permit easy selection and adjustment of all or specific audio zones. Constructed with UV and salt-water rated materials, the MMR-25W controller is built to withstand the harshest outdoor elements. For added convenience, a silicone wrist lanyard and mounting cradle are included. The cradle’s simplistic design permits installation on any flat surface. A replaceable 3V (CR2032) battery is also included. Up to eight remotes* can be directly paired to a single source unit (additional remotes sold separately). * Includes total capacity of ALL paired Bluetooth® devices (remote controllers, app controllers, streaming sources, etc.). MediaMaster® MMR-25W remote control functions (source dependent) include: MMR-25WWireless Remote Controller with Bluetooth® Technology for use withMediaMaster® Part number Model Description 08.17.0449 MMR-25W Wireless Remote Controller with Bluetooth® Technology for use with MediaMaster® • Power On/Off • Source Selection • Audio Zone Selection/Lock • Volume Up/Down • Track Up/Down • Track Fast-Forward/Fast-Rewind • Favorite Up/Down • Tuner Seek Up/Down • Play/Pause • Mute/Unmute New Part number Model Description 08.17.0232* MMP-1-BK MediaMaster® Mounting Adaptor Plate for MM100s / MM100s-BE MediaMaster®Mounting adaptor plate *Until stock lasts! *Until stock lasts! *Until stock lasts! 08 Electrical 866