Exalto Emirates Trade Catalogue 2024

Lighting Searchlights Golight, Inc. is a privately held manufacturing company nestled in the heartland of the United States. In December of 1992, the idea of the remote control spotlight was born. After many engineering drawings, tooling refinements, and prototypes, the first Golight was available for sale in the summer of 1994. Since then, Golight has set the industry standard in remote control lighting. Their lights are in service around the world, lighting the way for everything from military vehicles in Afghanistan to snow plows in Alaska. In the past 25 years, there have been numerous upgrades to their original product line. Each update incorporates the latest technology to bring the customers the best possible product. The commitment to quality and durability can be found in every detail of our lights. The brand, Golight takes great pride in the companies they serve and the products they offer. Permanent mount - ST Series • Wireless remote or hardwired control • Permanent or portable mounting options • Permanent: stainless steel mounting bracket • Portable: industrial strength magnetic grip • 370° Rotation x 135° tiit • Wireless remote operates light up to 80 ft away • High torque drive train with precise pan/tilt control • UV Ray and saltwater resistant • 3 Year limited warranty Halogen: H9 65W Bulb, 8° Beam Angle 225,000 Candela, Max Beam Distance 3,113 ft. 5.5 Amps at 13.8V LED: 10 High intensity LED’s, 8° beam angle 544,000 candela, max beam distance 4,839 ft. 3.7 Amps at 13.8V Stryker ST Series Accessories for Stryker ST Series Part number Description 09.01.0233 Wireless Handheld Remote 09.01.0223 Magnetic Base Adapter Kit 09.01.0225 Remote holster 09.01.0234 Stryker ST LED insert 09.01.0220 LED Rockguard white 09.01.0221 LED Rockguard black 09.01.0240 Halogen Rockguard white 09.01.0241 Halogen Rockguard black 09.01.0214 Nylon Carrying Case 09.01.0219 Snap-On LED Flood Lens 09.01.0222 Hardwired dash control 09.01.0242 X-Splitter for two controllers one light 09.01.0243 Y-Splitter for one controller two lights a a c c d d e e e e e f f g g h i i j j h b b Part number 09.01.0237 09.01.0238 09.01.0239 09.01.0229 09.01.0230 09.01.0231 09.01.0252 Type Halogen Halogen Halogen LED LED LED Halogen Colour White Black Chrome White Black Chrome White Included Wireless handheld remote, stainless steel mounting bracket. Hardwired dash mount control, 20’ wiring harness, stainless steel mounting bracket. Wireless handheld remote, stainless steel mounting bracket and rockguard. 09 889