Exalto Emirates Trade Catalogue 2024

Stairs Davits Safety ladder Safety ladder Designed to increase safety on board, this ladder comes in a canvas bag with 2 handles : one handle to attach the bag alongside the boat ; the other handle for the man fallen overboard to grab : the bag pulls open and the ladder unfolds instantly, helping the person to get back on board easily. Helps any crewmember get back on board easily without external help. Suitable for current use (bathing) or in case of Man Over Board. Consists of 3 polypropylene steps and 1 st. steel handle assembled by a highly resistant line, (bright yellow Ø 3 mm polyester). Ladder is stored in a polyamide tube with a grey polypropylene cap, for optimum protection and waterproofness. The Man Over Board removes the cap, pulls the ladder down, and climbs onboard. • Light • Very easy flush mount (like a thru-hull fitting). • Transom or skirt mount (sail and power boats), just above waterline. Part number Description 01.08.0042 Ladder yellow 4 steps length 32cm x width 18cm x height 30cm with 2 handles & unfolds 01.08.0043 Ladder yellow 5 steps length 32cm x width 18cm x height 30cm with 2 handles & unfolds Part number Description 01.08.0044 Ladder flush mount tube with a grey polypropylene cap Pivoting davits Davits for tenders up to 160 kg. When used, davits are blocked in a fixed position, determined when installing the davits (spacing between arms).When not in use, the arms swivel and can fold up for space saving on deck and transom. Easy flushmount installation thanks to mounting shoe. 4 blocks, including 4 hooks, 4 x 3 m of rope. Part number Weight (kg) Tube Ø (mm) Sheave (mm) A (mm) B (mm) C (mm) D (mm) E (mm) F (mm) 01.11.0006 160 4 Double 989 750 170 64 150 645 01 92 Deck&hull