Exalto Emirates Trade Catalogue 2024

SureShade® designs and manufactures innovative marine sunshade systems that enhance and facilitate the boating experience. SureShade® patented telescoping sunshade systems offer boaters more choice, comfort and convenience for sun protection on board boats. SureShade’s innovative retractable sunshade systems are an industry game-changer for boat builders and dealers. As a designer and inventor of marine sunshade systems, SureShade holds patents for several components and continues to develop innovative sunshade designs for nearly any boat style. SureShade® patented technology is unlike any other in the marine industry… and simply cannot be matched. Why Shade is Important on a Boat Design Advantages SureShade is unmatched in design, functionality and value. 01 03 05 06 02 04 Automated boat shades Manual boat shades With fishing, cruising, anchoring, lounging, entertaining…the time you spend on your boat adds up quickly. And it only takes 20 minutes of sun exposure to get sunburn if not properly protected. To make matters worse, prime boating times typically correspond with peak UV exposure times. UV rays can reflect from the water and fiberglass boats and damage your skin – even on cloudy days! More shade is a very important step in sun protection. In fact, making sure you have proper sunshade protection is as important to boat safety as making sure there are enough personal floatation devies on board. Without shade, you are left completely exposed to potential sun damage. Cambered cross components requires no support poles – even at 10 ft. (3m) widths and 10 ft. (3m) extensions Ability to conform to boat curvature allows for more flexibility in boat design as well as enhancing aesthetics Framework enables even distribution of shades weight throughout the hardtop and not concentrated in just aft end of the hardtop Cambered cross members, including roller, can be integrated in lower cavity space for better integration Various colour options available. Please contact Exalto Emirates. Framework weight distributed across more longitudinal area (forward/aft) enablingmounting locations that provide more stability SunShades • Electrically Operated Shade • Boats up to 30 ft SureShade ATF Automated Shade • Electrically Operated Shade • Boats over 60 ft (or large areas) SureShadeM3 Mega Shade • Electrically Operated Shade • Boats under 26 ft PTX Power Shade • Pull-out/Push-in Shade • Boats under 27 ft SureShade RTX Pull-Out Shade • Pull-out/Push-in Shade • Boats under 45 ft SureShadeMTX Pull-Out Shade • By using simple hand lever to extend retract) • Boats under 35 ft SureShadeMTF Manual Shade SureShade’s Patented Sunshade Systems 01 96 Deck&hull