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Vessel systems monitoring Laying the anchor: Depth, scope and orientation From the moment the anchor hits the water, AnchorGuardian begins sending in real time information to the captain and crew. At any given moment, the anchor module sends updates regarding the distance to boat and distance to seafloor. Once on the ground, the orientation of the anchor and the scope are shown on the display. At anchor: Force, velocity and anchor hold prediction Module features include prediction of anchor hold, force on anchor and anchor chain angle including length of chain cast out. Should movement take place, immediate alarms sound providing anchor displacement and anchor velocity data. Anchor position is continuously visible on the GPS plotter, ECDIS or a tablet which can be provided as an option of the AnchorGuardian system. Lifting the anchor: Location, freedom to manoeuvre and storing completion Information including the anchor location, when the anchor leaves the sediment and when the boat is free to maneuver are provided. Completing the anchoring process, data is given as to when the anchor is in sight, out of the water and finally stowed. Configuration With proprietary algorithms, sensors and underwater communicators, the solution consists of three modules that communicate seamlessly with each other, providing the captain and crew with all the necessary information when needed. “We anchor a lot, and the crew has my trust, but I still need to rest well at night. AnchorGuardian would help me do just that,” a captain remarked. It represents a technological breakthrough for smarter anchoring. Swiss Ocean Tech company offers cutting-edge technology that monitors the movement and position of a ship’s anchor and delivers intelligent data to support the crew throughout the entire anchoring procedure. This patented solution provides predictions and triggers immediate alarms with sub-meter accuracy. Anchor Monitoring - Safe anchoring for sailor, ship and sea New For your requirements, please contact Exalto Emirates. 10 Monitoring& control 1011