Exalto Emirates Trade Catalogue 2024

Sensors Ultrasonic level system-bus version (RS485-bus) graphic display The display instrument (SENSORD) can be used to show the contents of up to 4 different tanks and can be used in conjunction with SENSORB. Part number Model Volt 10.09.0003 SENSORD 12 /24V dc Water temperature gauge sensors Part number Model Description 10.09.0056 TEMPSR120 Sensor for temperature gauge 120° C Max, 12/24V, single pole M14 x 1.5 10.09.0057 TEMPSR122 Sensor for temperature gauge 120° C Max, 12/24V, double pole M14 x 1.5 Oil pressure sensors Part number Model Description 10.09.0058 OILSR08 12/24V, # single pole, M10 x 1K 10.09.0059 OILSR082 12/24V, # double pole, M10 x 1K For use with Vetus rudder angle indicator Rudder feedback unit Part number Model Description 10.09.0060 RFU1718 Rudder feedback unit The Vetus ultrasonic level sensor, SENSORA & SENSORB are contactless and will measure the fluid level in any type of tank. It is suitable for use with: petrol, diesel fuel, drinking water, black and grey waste water. After installation, the sensor can be calibrated very easily with the aid of a LED and a calibration wire; no other equipment is required. The sensor may be installed in any type of tank, regardless of its dimensions, but with a maximum depth of 120 cm. The sensor may be connected to all standard Vetus analog level indicators and also to the Vetus waste water control panel (WWCP). These sensors are not suitable for use with metal tanks. Ultrasonic level sensor - analog&digital version Part number Model Volt Description 04.04.0030 SENSORA 12 /24V dc Analog interface 10.09.0001 SENSORB 12 /24V dc Digital (RS485 bus) 10.09.0002* SENSORSR - Adaptor for FTKIT Specifications Voltage : 12V and 24 Volt Dc Current consumption: : 35 mA Interface (SENSORA) : Analogue Interface (SENSORB) : Bus (RS485 bus). Tank depth : 120 cm Accuracy : ± 5% Temperature range : - 20 to + 70°C. Flange : SAE, 5 holes Dimensions : Ø 77 x 23 mm *Until stock lasts! Temperature sensor Temperature sensor for batteries with 15m cable. Part number 10.04.0004 10 Monitoring& control 1012