Exalto Emirates Trade Catalogue 2024

Decking Esthec is a strong and solid material that consists of composites and fillers. It is an innovation based on the yachting industry’s enormous need for ecologically sound construction materials. Subtly, the traditional way of constructing (teak) decks needed some adjustment to secure the future of yacht construction. Teak is becoming more and more scarce and the deforestation resulting from taking down complete teak forests is very environmentally unfriendly. Esthec’s appearance is what makes the adjustment subtle, the improved properties however are everything but subtle. Concisely expressed, Esthec is very durable, ecologically sound, lightweight, highly maintenance-friendly, resistant to different weather conditions, chemicals and liquids, it is indestructible and there is freedom in colour and design. Esthec is a revolutionary new decking material that will play a major role in the near and far future of yacht construction. Esthec made to fit Made to Fit stands for a bespoke deck that is supplied in separate parts. The deck is produced based on a 2D AutoCAD file supplied by the customer, which contains the deck design and the deck layout. Any imaginable design and pattern can be realized. The colour of the Esthec deck can be chosen in advance from a selection of available standard colours and there are several joint options as well. When the deck parts are delivered they only need to be glued onto the ship’s deck. Esthec nuance Esthec Nuance has been purpose-developed for super yachts. Despite the enormous freedom in colour and design provided by Esthec, the majority within the yacht industry still tends to prefer a traditional deck design. Listening to the voice of the industry, Esthec has added a new concept to the existing options. Esthec Nuance offers a lively, innovative design pattern based on the traditional plank pattern, but still leaves some room to give a yacht a touch of personal style. Esthec Nuance also improves energy efficiency on board. Esthec inmould In addition to the above-mentioned regular Made To Fit deck, Esthec has also developed the Inmould version. This Esthec deck is premounted upside down to the moulds of the ship’s deck. When the ship’s deck is placed onto the ship, the Esthec deck is automatically installed in the right position as well. Esthec has more than one reason for believing that this concept has great potential for the future. The three main advantages are: 1. Less weight (4.8 kg/m2) 2. Excellent adhesion 3. No mounting required, this saves time and costs. Contact Exalto Emirates for ameeting to discuss your specific project requirements. 1281 15 Decking& constructionmaterial