Exalto Emirates Trade Catalogue 2024

Decking SecuTred high performance composite cork sheet Highly compressed composite cork sheet for all wet and outdoor applications. • Easy installation • Competitive priced • Excellent non skid properties • Remains cool in the summer • All climate resistant • Easy to clean Available in sheet size: 1880 x 500 x 2.5 mm (74” x 20” x 1 ⁄ 10 ”) 15.01.0025 Part number Features Esthec sheets Esthec sheets have a standard size of 2.98 m x 1.98 m. A sheet has one colour, which can be selected in advance from 3 available standard colours. Unlike a Made To Fit deck, the sheets are supplied without a line pattern. Suitable for boat builders with inhouse strength and access to routing machine and local design. Note: For proper installation of an Esthec deck a liquid Esthec filler is required to join the sheets together as well as liquid Esthec in the desired colour whichwill function as the “caulking”. In addition to the above the professional installer will require several tools andmaterials. Further details are available on request please contact Exalto Emirates. • Non slip • Light weight (4.8 Kg/m²) • Extremely durable • Ecological, no PVC • Low maintenance Platinum Biscuit Honey Part number Model Description 15.01.0026 ESTHEC-PLAT Esthec Sheet Platinum 1980x2980mm (5.9m²) 15.01.0027 ESTHEC-BICT Esthec Sheet Biscuit 1980x2980mm (5.9m²) 15.01.0028 ESTHEC-HONEY Esthec Sheet Honey 1980x2980mm (5.9m²) 1282 15 Decking& constructionmaterial