Exalto Emirates Trade Catalogue 2024

EVO 165 lifejacket Pilot 165 lifejacket Pilot 275 lifejacket Equally adapted to stout body-builds. YKK QBZ® zip designed and certified specifically for use on lifejackets. Double crutchstrap. A quintessential model in lifejacket range, the Pilot 165 matches most boaters’ needs and remains an excellent value for money. Comfortable and lightweight, it is the perfect allrounder lifejacket, ideal for all nautical activities (coastal boating, regular daycruising, racing...). As the most efficient jacket is the one you actually like to wear, Plastimo have redesigned the outer shell to enhance comfort, elegance and modern features, while ensuring its primary mission : to protect the lifejacket safety essentials. • Ergonomic design, elegant and modern. Very flexible and boddy-hugging providing a perfect fit to an active crew. Slim cut with optimized folding : just the right degree of compactness to preserve flexibility. • Soft and flexible fabric. • Outer shell with zip closure. Perfect finish and great looks, opening of outer shell only when required. Provides a better protection of the air chamber and avoids outer shell untimely opening. Easy to fold and re-pack when checking or servicing. Designed for recreational navigation and professoinal or industrial applications : delivers the performance required in intensive sailing or difficult conditions. Equally suitable for stout body build or wearers with heavy protection gear. • Optimum safety: Y-shaped back strap, crutchstrap included as original feature. Strap on air chamber to attach extra safety add-ons. • Heavy duty: Very resistant PVC coated outer shell. • Flat and body-hugging for extra comfort: Folded flat with optimised compactness ratio to avoid stiffness. Round ergonomic collar. Backstrap reduces weight on the neck and holds the jacket perfectly in place. • Designed for waistline 60-170 cm. Part number Description 16.03.0002 Life jacket inflatable EVO 165 automatic pro-sensor black harness & crutch strap rated buoyancy 150 N actual buoyancy 165 N includes 33 g CO2 gas bottle Part number Inflation system Colour 16.03.0004 Manual Blue 16.03.0003 Manual Red 16.03.0005 Manual Black 16.03.0010 Automatic Blue 16.03.0009 Automatic Red 16.03.0011 Automatic Black Part number Inflation system Colour 16.03.0007 Manual Blue 16.03.0006 Manual Red 16.03.0008 Manual Black 16.03.0013 Automatic Blue 16.03.0012 Automatic Red (XXL * Belt / waistline : 60 - 175 cm) 16.03.0015 Automatic Red 16.03.0014 Automatic Black Part number Inflation system Colour 16.03.0019 Automatic Black 16.03.0017 Automatic Red Part number Inflation system Colour 16.03.0016 Automatic Black 16.03.0018 Automatic Red Without harness Without harness With harness With harness and crutchstrap Safety 1299 16 Safety