Exalto Emirates Trade Catalogue 2024

Safety Pilot 290 lifejacket EVO-j Junior lifejacket A very technical jacket with optimum features, combined with superior 290 N buoyancy. Designed for professional and industrial applications, the Pilot 290 is ideal for wearers with heavy protection gear. It is equally suitable for recreational boating, in particular for stout body-built boaters or crew navigating in difficult sea conditions. • Optimum safety: 290 N buoyancy for even more efficient self-righting and higher freeboard. Recommended for seaworkers and professionals wearing heavy protection gear. Double crutchstrap as standard original feature. • Premium materials and design: PVC coated heavy duty outer shell with excellent flexibility ratio. Outer shell with YKK QBZ® zip closure : provides better protection of the air chamber and prevents outer shell untimely opening. Zip with two quickburst points for quicker deployment. • Comfortable: Folded flat for comfort and with the best compactness ratio to avoid stiffness. Round ergonomic collar. Backstrap reduces weight on the neck and holds the jacket perfectly in place. Easy adjustment with side quick-fix stainless steel buckle. Designed for waistline 60-175cm. Automatic inflation lifejacket, designed for wearers with 20 to 50 kg bodyweight. Soft and flexible fabric in either plain red or blue with graphic design (selected by a jury panel of youngsters aged 9 to 12). 110 N buoyancy, i.e. superior to the 90 N standard requirement : improves the self-righting capacity and provides higher freeboard to keep head well above water. Neoprene collar for added comfort. Adjustable back strap helps keep jacket perfectly adjusted. Part number Inflation system 16.03.0020 Automatic Part number Inflation system Colour 16.03.0021 Automatic Blue pattern 16.03.0022 Automatic Red Angling / fishing lifejackets Designed for fishing enthusiasts and for shellfish or fishfarming professionals, who require a lightweight safety equipment, non obstrusive and comfortable to wear. • Buoyancy : rated 150 N, actual buoyancy 165 N. • Self-righting capacity : turns most wearers face up within 5 seconds, even unconscious. • Inflation : CO² gas cylinder, 33 g. • Tube for oral inflation, with non-return valve. • Green outer cover, very easy to keep up and clean. Part number Inflation system 16.03.0023 Pilot Fishing, automatic 1300 16 Safety