Exalto Emirates Trade Catalogue 2024

Sewage treatment plants Part number Description 02.06.0037 Guardian Air Ice Guardian Air Ice is an air purifier that eliminates bad odours inside the black and grey water tanks on board, in addition to the treatment system ECOmar. This system is also very efficient for the treatment of odours present in the bilge compartments, where there is small amount of stagnant water. The system uses the moisture in the air to create a plasma of hydroxyls and hydroperoxides, and does not produce ozone (<0.04 ppm). This technology, in addition to eliminating odours, kills viruses and bacteria. The system has two outputs: the first output can treat to two tanks in parallel, it’s possible to use the second output manifold (see figure at below) to treat other volumes, such as tanks and other compartments located in the lower areas of vessels, where it is necessary to treat the stagnant water. If the distance from the installation area of Guardian Air Ice to the areas to be treated is considerable, it is necessary to install small fans which allow the passage of larger quantities of air. The installation of Guardian Air Ice purifier can eliminate the costly activated carbon filters that create obstacles to the natural air to escape, especially due to the action of the moist air on the fibers of the filter. Air purifier for holding tank Accessories &Options Model Treatment capacity (liters per day) Treatment capacity (gallons per day) Work cycles per hour (approx) Power supply Installed power (kW) Max absorbption (A) Total capacity (liters/gallons) Waste water capacity (liters/gallons) Sea water capacity (liters/gallons) Treated water per cycle (liters/gallons) Central unit dimensions (mm) Tank dimensions (mm) Central unit weight (kg/lb) Technical features Dimensions and weight ECOmar 8 4,000 1,056 4 24V dc / 230 / 400V ac 0.35 / 0.55 4A (230V ac) 127 / 33.5 53 / 14 38 / 10 91 / 24 730 x 510 x 690 660 x 320 x 600 40 / 88 ECOmar is able to treat grey and black water in compliance with international standards and to render it dischargeable directly into the sea, without solid residues. The chemical-physical reactions inside disinfect the water and reduce the sediment dimensions so that the water becomes clear and odourless and can be discharged directly overboard. At the end of every cycle an automatic washing cycle of the tank with clear sea water takes place. ECOmar is built with a central body made in strong polypropylene mounted on a steel chassis. Stainless steel treatment tank is available on request. The LCD electronic control panel with microprocessor manages all the functions of the system automatically. There is very low electric power consumption.The system can also work in emergency mode. ECOmar 6 2,300 607 4 24V dc / 400V ac 0.55 18A (24V dc) 81 / 21.4 34 / 9 24 / 6.3 58 / 15.3 500 x 500 x 680 450 x 300 x 600 30 / 66 Main advantages • Pollution free: the disinfectant liquid does not release poisonous substances • No residuals on board: consequently the installation of a sludge tank is not required • Easy to use: totally automatic with possibility to operate it manually in emergency • Compact: designed to work in small engine rooms • Versatile: available at 24 V dc and 230/400V ac. ECOmar 6&ECOmar 8 02 154 Engine room