Exalto Emirates Trade Catalogue 2024

In order to calculate the maximum admissible weight which can be supported, the following data is required: W = Width of the object to be lifted in mm. G = Weight of the object to be lifted in N. S = Length of stroke in mm. F = Force of the gas strut in N The calculation goes as follows: F = (½W x G) / S Hatch lifters This electro-hydraulic lifting system makes opening a heavy hatch or lowering a mast or radar arch an easy affair. If necessary, two cylinders may be connected to one pump, to generate even more lifting power. The system is “stand alone” and is supplied complete with all required connection parts, as well as a waterproof control panel. It is also possible to fit a remote control as an option. Vetus hatch lifters are suitable for easy handling of the folding bathing platforms which are fitted to many modern boats. The standard system consists of: A seawater resistant aluminium cylinder with a stainless steel rod, an electro-hydraulic pump, a waterproof control panel, 12 meters of hydraulic piping, and all required hose connectors. There are many applications on board where the assistance of a gas strut will reduce the effort required. For example, heavy deck hatches or locker doors. Vetus gas struts are specifically designed for marine use. All external parts are made of stainless steel (AISI 316) or synthetic materials and the special seals guarantee long service life. When fitted vertically, make sure that the piston rod is pointing downward. These gas-filled cylinders are supplied complete with fixings. For lifting engine room hatches, masts, etc. Electro-hydraulic hatch lifters Gas struts Part number Model Description Voltage (V) Stroke (mm) Lifting power (kgf) 02.07.0001 HL12500A Complete system 12 500 125 02.07.0002 HL24500A Complete system 24 500 125 02.07.0003 HL12500B Complete system 12 500 320 02.07.0004 HL24500B Complete system 24 500 320 02.07.0005 HL500A Additional cylinder - 500 125 02.07.0006 HL500B Additional cylinder - 500 320 Part number Model Force (N) Stroke S (mm) Length L (mm) Length L+S (mm) 02.07.0007 GASSP25 180 74 180 254 02.07.0008 GASSP30 135 85 220 305 02.07.0009 GASSP38 135 140 240 380 02.07.0010 GASSP44 180 160 280 440 02.07.0011 GASSP51 270 205 305 510 02 155 Engine room