Exalto Emirates Trade Catalogue 2024

Pumps, plumbing& sanitary Wavestream™ leisure systems Wavestreammicro system (WMS) Wavestream™ prevents the discharge of oily bilge water into our seas and waterways. Used by powerboats, yachts, superyachts, fishing boats, lifeboats, pilot and patrol boats, canal boats, ferries and ships. Inevitably bilge water can contain fuel, lubricating oil, grease, hydraulic and gear oil. The international convention for the prevention of pollution (MARPOL) states the allowable level of oil in discharged bilge water is between 0 ppm and 15 ppm. Filters Bilge water filters Part number 04.17.0001 04.17.0003 04.17.0005 04.17.0007 Model Wavestream micro system (WMS) Wavestream system 1 (WSS1) Wavestream system 2 (WSS2) Wavestream system 3 (WSS3) Suitable for Small boats Boat over 15 mtr Boat over 15 mtr Large boat/ Supetyachts Flow rate 1-40 lpm 1-40 lpm 1-265 lpm 1-265 lpm Max. pressure 8 bar 6.2 bar 6.8 bar 6.3 bar Max. temperature 40° C 40º C 37° C 37º C Min. temperature 1° C 1º C 1° C 1º C Connections ¾” BSP ¾” BSP 1½” BSP 1½” BSP Mounting Bracket mounting Bracket mounting Bracket mounting Bracket mounting Material Plastic Plastic Plastic Plastic Special requirement ------------------------------------------------------ Bilge pump head min. 4 mtr ---------------------------------------------------- Type approval Lloyds Lloyds Lloyds Lloyds Cartridge 04.17.0037 04.17.0004 04.17.0006 04.17.0002 Wavestream system1 (WSS1) Wavestream system 3 (WSS3) Wavestream system2 (WSS2) IMOBilge filter system - WaveMiniBOSS MEPC 107/49 certified bilge filter system giving effective control and prevention of oily bilge water discharge using Wavestream System 3 filters. • IMO certified Oil in Water Monitor with 18 months data logging, 1 models available. • MED and BVApprovals.. • US Coast Guard Type Approved. • Wavestream MiniBOSS 24, 24V DC maximum flow rate 0.45m³/hr. • Compact, light and easy to maintain with Wavestream high capacity cartridges. Part number Description 04.17.0060 Wave MiniBOSS system 24 V, 0.45 m³/hr. 04.17.0061 Wave MiniBOSS system 110-240 V, 0.35 m³/hr. 04.17.0062 Pre-filter cartridge 04 442