Exalto Emirates Trade Catalogue 2024

Pumps, plumbing& sanitary Filters No-smell filters diesel for diesel tanks Through the breather line, which is required for all fuel tanks on board boats, unpleasant diesel fuel smells may escape. Installation of a Vetus no-smell filter is the perfect remedy to this problem. The filter housing features Ø 16 mm, Ø 19 mm or Ø 25 mm connectors and the Vetus fuel hose is suitable as a breather line. The filter element can be replaced and must be exchanged once a year. Attention: diesel fuel and froth must NOT enter into the filter housing and its element. It is therefore imperative that the no-smell filter is installed in combination with the Vetus Splash- Stop. As the name already indicates, the Vetus diesel smell filter should NOT be used for petrol tanks. This model is suitable for Ø 16 mm vent hose only. a b a a a b Part number Model 04.04.0007 NSF16FES (small) 04.04.0012 NSF16FE (large) Part number Model Diameter Dimensions (L xWx H) 04.17.0008 NSF16D Ø 16 mm 148 x 150 x 162 mm. 04.17.0009 NSF19D Ø 19 mm 148 x 150 x 162 mm. 04.17.0010 NSF25D Ø 25 mm 148 x 150 x 162 mm. 04.17.0011 NSF16DS Ø 16 mm 107 x 111 x 111 mm. Replacement carbon filter elements No-smell filters element type NSFCAN Type NSFCAN is a pre-filled canisters with a measured quantity of activated carbon and special gel granules. The combination of gel granules and carbon provides a perfect dual function. Traditional carbon filters often lose efficiency due to humidity and condensation. The gel granules in this new filter absorb the moistures which cause the efficiency loss and also ensure significantly less air borne moisture allowed into the fuel tank. • Suitable for new and existing VETUS no-smell filters type NSFD • Transparent cover so you can easily see when the special gel is saturated and replacement of the canister is necessary • The filters reduce the risk of mould and ‘diesel bug’ in the tank (moisture in diesel fuel can be a perfect breeding ground for mould and bacteria) • The smaller version type NSFCANS can be used with no-smell filter NSF16DS Part number Model Dimensions (L xWx H) 04.17.0059 NSFCANS Dual function no-smell filter canister for type NSF S filters 04.17.0038 NSFCAN Dual function no-smell filter canister for type NSF filters Fitting Size Weight Aqua filta™ : Connections for 13 mm (½”) ID hose, 15 mm Hep20 and acorn fittings, 15 mm John Guest Speedfit and whale system 15 fittings and ½” BSP female threaded fittings. : 23 cm high x 14 cm deep x 10 cm wide (9” x 51⁄2” x 4”). : 500g (1.1 lb.). Aqua Filta adsorbs dissolved impurities freshening and cleansing water to make it natural tasting, sweet smelling and crystal clear. • Screw-on cartridge is replaced annually or sooner if necessary, at half the cost of replacement filters. • Over 200g of silver impregnated activated carbon. • Beneficial mineral salts are retained. • Ports accept fitment to either 13mm (1⁄2”) ID hose or 1⁄2” screw-in fittings for polybutylene • or copper plumbing. • Initial flow capacity up to 14 lpm (3.7 gpm). • Tough moulded components give ample pressure capability, up to 4.2 bar (60 psi). Part number Description 04.21.0059 Aqua filta. 04.21.0060 Replacement filter cartridge. 04 443