Exalto Emirates Trade Catalogue 2024

Shorepower Shore power cord sets Cordsets are made of the highest quality, marine-grade construction with features you won’t find on other power cords. a b c d e f g b d a c Watertight molded plug and connector for safety and durability Heavy duty, super flexible marine-grade cable (30A 10 gauge, 50A 6 gauge) All models include a standard threaded ring for hook-up to ordinary threaded inlets Corrosion resistant, nickel plated contacts Power Indicator Light: Boatside connector features a molded-in LED light. When it glows red, you know you have power to the boat. Contour Grip with Thumbprint Locator: Both plug and connector ends are molded to fit the contour of your hand. When the thumbprint is in the 12 o’clock position, the blades line up for easy connection. Marinco’s easy lock™ system: Quickly locks the cord set to the inlet in just ⅛ of a turn. The exclusive locking tabs engage slots built into all Marinco® inlets. • Male end blunt cut • 12/3 (3.3 mm²) cable 16A/220V 50Hz • Watertight connector sealing cap for CE compliance • NEMA L5-30 moulded connector with LED power indicator light 30A power cord plus® cordsets 50A 125/250 volt powercord plus® cordsets (4-wire) Locking shore power cordset e f g 50A 125 Volt power cord plus® cordsets (3-Wire) Part number Model Length Colour 08.13.0008 6152SPP-12SC 12 ft Yellow 08.13.0009 6152SPP-25 25 ft Yellow 08.13.0141 6152SPPG-25 25 ft Grey 08.13.0010 6152SPPW-25 25 ft White 08.13.0011 6152SPP 50 ft Yellow 08.13.0012 6152SPPW 50 ft White 08.13.0144 6152SPP-75 75 ft Yellow 50A plug end only cordsets Part number Model Length Colour 08.13.0013 6152SPPW-55.P/O 55 ft White Part number Model Length Colour 08.13.0001 199116 12 ft Yellow 08.13.0002 199117 25 ft Yellow 08.13.0003 199119 50 ft Yellow 08.13.0004 199120 50 ft White Part number Model Length Colour 08.13.0005 6153SPP-25 25 ft Yellow 08.13.0006 6153SPP 50 ft Yellow 08.13.0007 6153SPPW 50 ft White Part number Model Length 08.13.0015 50SPPX 50 ft 08.13.0016 25SPPX 25 ft 08 Electrical 798