Exalto Emirates Trade Catalogue 2024

Shore power EEL Shore power cord sets EEL stands for Easily Engaged Lock, and just like a real eel, the EEL Shore power clamps down and doesn’t let go to create a safe shore power connection and a watertight seal. Patented jaw clamp technology - No threaded ring required - Create a watertight seal every time Proprietary built-in cord light - Added safety—alert light indicates if you are still plugged in at the dock - Emergency flashlight to lead your way back to the dock Power indicator light on both ends - Informs you that power is flowing through the cord Secondary lock for added security - When engaged, the jaws cannot release Universal connection - Connects to any brand, NEMA configured inlet 30A EEL cordsets 50A 125/250Volt EEL cordsets (4-wire) EEL Shore power pigtail adapters 50A 125 Volt EEL cordsets (3-Wire) EEL Shore power pigtail adapters enable you to connect from one dockside receptacle (or other power source receptacle) to one boatside inlet or equipment of dissimilar power configuration. In addition to the EEL Shore power system, the pigtail adapters incorporate the highest quality, marinegrade construction for which Marinco is known: • Sealing collar (where applicable) to create a weatherproof seal when joining cables together. • Heavy-duty, super flexible marine grade cable (30 A 10 gauge, 50 A 6 gauge). • Watertight molded plug and connector ends for safety and durability. • Corrosion-resistant, nickel-plated contacts. • Suitable for use in wet. Part number Model Length Colour 08.13.0017 CS30-12 12 ft Yellow 08.13.0018 CS30-25 25 ft Yellow Part number Model Length Colour 08.13.0023* CS504-25 25 ft yellow 08.13.0024 CS504-50 50 ft yellow Part number Model Length Colour 08.13.0021 CS503-25 25 ft Yellow 08.13.0022 CS503-50 50 ft Yellow *Until stock lasts! 08 Electrical 799