Exalto Emirates Trade Catalogue 2024

Vessel systemsmonitoring Low power consumption security system • Super low power consumption (<0.3 W) • Large selection of wireless premium sensors with extended battery life • Internal alarms include geofencing, battery, tilt, temperature, and G-shock alarms A revolutionary sailing analytics solution • Data collected from NMEA2000, CAN Open, J1939, Ethernet and Modbus • Smart filtering functions (averages, min/max, etc.) • Coverage in more than 100 countries Smart connection • Fit-for-all digital switching solution, using either Wi-Fi, BLE 5.0, Zigbee 3.0, NMEA 2000, or Modbus • 12v 24v smart relay available High-speed wi-fi hotspot • Users can insert a sim card for YS Pro to act as a high-speed Wi-Fi hotspot • 150Mbps downlink and 50Mbps uplink • Multiple Sentinel Cam 2 can be paired Smart - Boat monitoring solution Yacht Sentinel has been pleased to serve the needs of boating enthusiasts around the world for the last 15 years. Customer reviews are a testament to the quality products and exceptional service it provides. Yacht Sentinel has always been a pioneer in the ‘connected boat’ space. The company created the first sms based low-power boat security system back in 2008 (YS1), then the first boat security system with wireless sensors in 2015 (YS6) and finally, launched the first big data solution collecting NMEA 2000 data remotely in 2019 (Sentinel Domotics). Yacht Sentinel started the development of its next-gen ‘all-in-one’ solution, designed to fit all connected boat needs. YS Pro is protected by a premium waterproof rugged casing. It is part of a breakthrough ecosystem that includes a user-friendly app and a CRM product line for businesses called Partner Platform New Why YS-Pro? • Credibility and industry knowledge: YS Pro has been developed connected boat solution since 2008 • 3G/4G worldwide coverage: Data is recorded for months even without coverage. • Full comprehensive suite: YS Pro combines 4 functionalities - security system, sailing analytics, smart connections & Wi-Fi router • Robust & reliable: Premium rugged & waterproof casing, along with over-the-air software updates. • Large choice of se n sors: 10 different types of sensors and continues to expand. • Breakthrough ecosystem: This includes a user-friendly app and a CRM product line for businesses called Partner Platform • Fits motorboat & Sailing boats of any sizes: The touchscreen interface makes YS Pro super easy to setup and to use, battery consumption < 0.3W How it works? YS Pro is a two-way communication system that connects our user app and CRM system with YS Pro using worldwide 3G/4G coverage. YS Pro collects thousands of data points every day • Remote monitoring: The intuitive app allows remote access to YS Pro enabling users to monitor critical information,visualise past and future maintenance works and remotely control some appliances remotely. • Alarms: Various alarms can be set on the app, with some built-in sensors (position, battery, tilt, G-shock and temperature) and with optional wireless sensors for additional information. All sensors use Zigbee 3.0 protocol and the battery level and signal strength can be monitored via the YS Pro touchscreen. Who is it for? It is an affordable, flexible, low-power consumption monitoring system for all boat owners, whether sail or power. It also provides an ideal fleet monitoring solution for boat rental companies, charter firms and marinas. Businesses can easily monitor large fleet of vessels under a single account. For fleet management team, you can add multiple users to your account and control their level of access. Contact Exalto Emirates for more information for white-label program. Security, Sailing analytics, Digital switching&WiFi hotspot YS-Pro Next-Gen Smart boat solution YS Pro aims to deliver the ultimate Connected Boat Experience to both end-customers and businesses. It suits all boats and all pockets from the smallest cuddy cabin to the largest yacht, and from motor craft. From motor craft to sailing boats. From boat security to CAN data analytics. For those concerned about intruders or wanting to check the status onboard, YS Pro provides the answer. Part number Model Description 10.08.0108 YSP-01 Control unit YS-PRO for Yacht sentinel Monthy subscription plan Subscriptions are paid monthly in local currency to cover communication and cloud costs. Costs in relation to Wi-Fi are at your own expense. Note that you must insert your own sim card to use YS Pro as a Wi-Fi router. Zone I – Standard + Zone I countries : 90AED /month *Note: For subscriptions in other zones, please reach out to Exalto Emirates. Subscription rates are subject to change. 10 Monitoring& control 999