Exalto Emirates Trade Catalogue 2024

Panels Engine instrument panels (black& creamdial) Vetus engine instrument panel, with 6 monitoring lights, acoustic alarm, pre-heating/starter switch with removable key, combined revolution/hour counter, temperature gauge, voltmeter and oil pressure gauge. Waterproof to IP64. Dimensions: 255 mm x 161 mm. Built-in depth: 121 mm. Part number Model Dial colour Volt 10.02.0011 MP34BS12A Black 12V 10.02.0012 MP34BS24A Black 24V 10.02.0018 MP34BN12A Cream 12V 10.02.0019 MP34BN24A Cream 24V Vetus engine instrument panel, provided with 6 monitoring lights, combined revolution/hour counter, acoustic alarm and pre-heating/starter switch with removable key. An additional instrument can be fitted. This panel is excellently suited for installation on a fly-bridge or a second steering position. Waterproof to IP64. Dimensions: 193 mm x 161 mm. Built-in depth: 121 mm. Part number Model Dial colour Volt 10.02.0013 MP21BS12A Black 12V 10.02.0020 MP21BN12A Cream 12V Extension panel Designed to receive 2 Vetus instruments with a cut-out diameter of Ø 52 mm. Dimensions: 161 x 99 mm.(Instruments to be ordered separately.) Part number Model Dial colour 10.02.0014 XTPAN252A Black This engine panel is equipped with six warning lights, acoustic alarm and a pre-heat/ignition switch with removable key. The panel has a small footprint and is therefore ideally suited for dashboards with a limited amount of space. comes with watertight. Panel dimensions: 100 mm x 154 mm. Built-in depth: 120 mm. Part number Model Volt 10.02.0027 MPA10 12V 10 Monitoring& control 998